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Table in Table[edit]

Button Options Spawn
1st Seeker 1 Seeker
Seeker 1 (Mirror) Mirror of Seeker
Seeker 2 Seeker Aspirant
Seeker 2 (Mirror) Mirror of Seeker Aspirant
Seeker 3 High Seeker
Seeker 3 (Mirror) Mirror of High Seeker
Button Options Spawn
2nd Ash Spawn 1 Ash Spawn
Ash Spawn 2 Ash Spawn Skirmisher
Ash Spawn 3 Ash Spawn Immolator
Ash Guardian Ash Guardian
Spriggan (Burnt) Burnt Spriggan
Thaekyd Ash Hopper
Werebear Werebear
Button Options Spawn
3rd Netch (Bull) Bull Netch
Netch (Calf) Netch Calf
Netch (Cow) Betty Netch
Leveled Cultist Leveled Cultist
Miraak Cultist 1 Random Cultist
Miraak Cultist 2 Random Cultist
Button Options Spawn
4th Dwarven Sphere 1 Dwarven Ballista
Dwarven Sphere 2 Tempered Sphere
Centurion Fight 3 Dwarven Centurion
Centurion Boss Dwarven Centurion Master
Button Options Spawn
5th Benthic Lurker Lurker
Horker Youngling Horker Youngling
Horker King Lord Tusk
Mudcrab Solstheim Mudcrab
Mudcrab Boss (Old Salty) Old Salty
Button Options Spawn
6th Riekling (Melee 1) Riekling (Melee)
Riekling (Missile 1) Riekling (Missile)
Riekling (Melee 2) Riekling Scout (Melee)
Riekling (Missile 2) Riekling Scout (Missile)
Riekling (Melee 3) Riekling Hunter (Melee)
Riekling (Missile 3) Riekling Hunter (Missile)
Riekling (Boar) Riekling Charger
Riekling (Chief) Riekling Chief
Only appear in test cell.

Table with Notes[edit]

Stone Location Tainted Inhabitants Guards Powers
Beast Stone Southeast of the Temple of Miraak 2 Rieklings, 3 Rieklings, Elmus, Bujold the Intrepid, Halbarn Iron-Fur, Hilund, Kuvar 1 Cultist, 1 Lurker§ Conjure Werebear
Earth Stone Southwest of Raven Rock, visible from the dock Bralsa Drel, Rirns Llervu, 3 Redoran Guards, Cindiri Arano, Fethis Alor, Milore Ienth, Garyn Ienth, Glover Mallory 2 Lurkers§ Bones of the Earth
Sun Stone Southeast corner of Solstheim, north of Tel Mithryn 6 Reavers, Elynea Mothren, Drovas Relvi, Ulves Romoran 1 Lurker§ Sun Flare
Tree Stone Trapped inside of the Temple of Miraak Oslaf, Yrsa, Herkja, Sirkjorg, 5 Reavers Root of Power
Water Stone Far north of Raven Rock, along the coast Benkum, Hjalfar, Liesl, Palevius Lex 1 Cultist, 1 Lurker§ Waters of Life
Wind Stone Northwest of Skaal Village Baldor Iron-Shaper, Deor Woodcutter, Edla, Fanari Strong-Voice, Morwen, Tharstan, Wulf Wild-Blood 1 Lurker§ North Wind
Only work here during the night.
Only work here during the night after complete the quest Retaking Thirsk. (Elmus is an exception, he will work here even before the quest. Not sure if it is a bug.)
§Only appear after using Bend Will shout.


During the combat, your dragon will follow your commands. If you have given it the attacking command, they will keep attacking the locked target with their deadly shouts and powerful bite. This progress might be very slow because your dragon will spend much time circling in the sky before it is ready to attack the target again. If the target moves too fast or finds a good hiding spot, the dragon would be unable to attack even it has reached the preconcerted attacking position. In this case, it will cancel this attack and fly again to find another position for attacking. If current target has been killed, the next potential target will be chosen and locked automatically.

While riding a dragon, you can only use certain spells, shouts and powers to assist the combat. A detailed list of spells and shouts available is provided below. The types of magic you can use are very limited and you cannot use any weapons either. However, your magic will always aim at the current target automatically on the back of a dragon. You only need to pay attention to the effective range of your spells and other factors. Keep it in mind, due to the movement of your dragon, certain spells are easy to miss the target. At the same time, the landscape will affect your magic too.

If the dragon you're riding take too much damage during the combat, it can be killed. Then you will fall to the ground. If your dragon is flying before its death, the falling damage can easily claim your life. In some cases, you cannot be too careful. If your dragon is struck with the Unrelenting Force shout‎, you may get knocked off, resulting in your death if you fall too far.

Alteration Conjuration Destruction Illusion Restoration Dragon Shouts
Ash ShellDB
Banish Daedra
Expel Daedra
Soul Trap
Arniel's Convection
Chain Lightning
Ice Spike
Ice Storm
Icy Spear
Lightning Bolt
Close Wounds
Fast Healing
Grand Healing
Greater Ward
Lesser Ward
Repel Lesser Undead
Repel Undead
Steadfast Ward
Sun FireDG
Turn Greater Undead
Turn Lesser Undead
Turn Undead
Vampire's BaneDG
Bend WillDB
Drain VitalityDG
Fire Breath
Frost Breath
Ice Form
Marked for Death
Soul TearDG
Unrelenting Force
  • Every time you load a save and tame a dragon, many spells can be equipped while riding your dragon. However, it's still impossible to cast them and the game will remind you "You cannot cast that type of spell while riding a dragon." Open the magic menu again and these spells will become unable to equip as they should be.