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Hey i'm Dovahfron613 (in case any of you haven't guessed from the name, yes I'm a major TES fanboy)
I've had every single TES Game so far that I'm aware of, but haven't liked all of them (I can be picky about my games)

Favorite Class Assassin, Spellblade or Nightblade
Favorite Dragon Ancient Fire Dragon (Red/Black)
Favorite Dragon Shout Unrelenting Force or Slow Time
Favorite Dragon word Krii "Kill", Suleyk "Power", Aus "Suffer", Fron "Kin" or Zeymah "Brother"
Favorite Skills Smithing, One-Handed, Light Armor, Sneak, Archery, Enchanting, Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration
Favorite Spell Fireball
Favorite TES Race Argonian, Khajiit or Nord
Favourite games Console
TES I: Arena Pc22.png
TES II: Daggerfall Pc22.png
TES III: Morrowind Xbox360.png Pc22.png
TES IV: Oblivion Xbox360.png Pc22.png
TES V: Skyrim Xbox360.png