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Eric Snowmane: The Character Behind My Name[edit]

See Snowmane Lineage

Gameplay Characters[edit]

This is my list of characters I use in-game, but reconstructed to provide a thorough biography of them. I will also occasionally just randomly make up some just for extra characters to create fanfictions, etc. with. For the purposes of the bios, the present day will be 4E 201, the year that the events of Skyrim occur.


This is the only Morrowind character I've made a bio for, besides the above written Eric Snowmane bio.


Damon (3E 399-4E 13) was a Khajiit born in Cyrodiil in 3E 399 to two immigrants from Elsweyr. He never had much since his family were poor dock workers in Anvil, so he turned to a short lived life of crime to get by. Damon never stole much, just small bits here and there to ensure he had a solid meal to eat. As he gained confidence in his skills, he began to go for more and more high risk crimes until he began raiding the vaults of the Counts and Countesses of Cyrodiil. One late evening, in Hearthfire of 3E 425, he was captured and taken to the Imperial City prison. Upon searching his house, the Legion soldiers that arrested him found items stolen from the other vaults and sentenced Damon to 126 years for hundreds of counts of theft.

In 3E 427, due to mysterious reasons unknown to everyone, Damon was released from prison and sent to Morrowind, where he resumed his life of crime while posing as an honorable Hlaalu nobleman. He went to extreme lengths to avoid detection from paying off the guards of other noblemen to commit the theft and risk arrest, to hiring his own guards to watch his vaults and lavish estate off the Odai Plateau. In 4E 13, Damon came across a rare amulet belonging to Mephala and took it for his personal collection. It turned out to be in the care a Dunmer noble and Morag Tong agent. The Morag Tong quickly issued a writ of assassination for the theft of their Sanguine amulet and Damon was killed in his sleep at his home.


Aisling (pronounced ASH-ling) is a female Breton mage, modelled after my current Baldur's Gate character of the same name. She's a pious member of the Imperial Cult, and an aspiring mage. More will be posted as I develop the character further. (This character is new enough that even Aisling in BG is still largely undeveloped in terms of personality, etc)


These are my miscellaneous Oblivion characters.

Andre Riscel[edit]

See Andre's Journal

Andre Riscel (3E 405-3E 433) was a Breton born in Northpoint, to two nobles. He was an adventurous type, always wanting to travel Tamriel for the good of the people. He would acquire wealth, either through noble deeds or theft, and then turn around and give away almost all of it for the beggars, keeping only enough to maintain his armor, maintain his ship, Northpoint's Pride, and have enough enough to eat. He was a formidable fighter, but his luck ran out and he and his pet dog, Jak, who he rescued from being a stray, were ambushed by bandits outside the Imperial City.


Athellor (3E 390-4E 6)was an Altmer born in Alinor, the capital of the Summerset Isle. He spent his youth studying different types of magic in the Crystal Tower, and as such has a burning desire to experiment and explore to study the practicalities of it, rather than just the theory. He dabbled in necromancy in the early months of 3E 432, resulting in a feud and assassination attempt against him, after he desecrated the tomb of a renown wizard for magical artifacts. After months of hiding all across the Isles, he boarded a ship to Anvil, in the Imperial capital of Cyrodiil, to claim the magical tower of his long deceased Uncle in the cold mountains of northern Cyrodiil, and investigate rumors of a new magic discovered in the Arcane University. [1]

He was proud and vain. He dressed extravagantly and stayed in the higher-end establishments. He was not caught dead in a slum, or other low-end area. He avoided working with the general population if he can help it, and he was not above stealth, theft, and assassination to further his goals. In his mind, as long as he can study and explore to further is knowledge of magic and become the greatest wizard Tamriel has ever seen, nothing, and nobody matters.

Athellor was killed in 4E 6, when he was caught stealing from Count Skingrad's vault, looking to acquire the funding to continue his research into the properties of the undead.


Astarael (3E 413- ??) is an Imperial and Silencer in the Dark Brotherhood, trained in the use of necromancy and assassination. Despite her youth, she is one of the most proficient assassins of the Cheydinhal chapter of the Brotherhood.

She is named after one of the bells in Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom Chronicles. The bell, Astarael, "the Sorrowful", or "the banisher", was a Necromantic bell that, when properly rung, casts everyone who hears it far into Death. Everyone, including the ringer.

Count Snowmane[edit]

Count Snowmane is a Nord vampire who (by coincidence) looks a lot like a certain other Vampiric Count. This guy was my first ever Oblivion character. :)


These are my miscellaneous SR characters.

Cassandra White-Foot[edit]

See Cassandra for the character bio and Cassie for a written story about a few hours of gameplay.

Orok gro-Durog[edit]

Orok is my Orc heavy armor/two-handed character that I'm using to test run all my fancy new mods. I started the game in Dushnikh Yal via an Alternate Start mod. Orok is out looking for a few years of adventure and to join the Legion in the Civil War.

The Elder Scrolls Online[edit]

Alena Isabelle[edit]

Alena Isabelle is a Breton Templar based on the Gleaming Champion build and the first character that I've kept for more than the tutorial and still actively use. She's affiliated with the Daggerfall Covenant. I haven't really done a whole lot with this character. I finished the tutorial string of quests and Glenumbra's zone story, but I still have a lot of random side quests to do and I haven't done a whole lot yet in any other zones besides some basic exploration.


Ra'Sakhar, a long-ago descendant of Jo'Sakhar, a Skyrim mage I used to have, is a Khajiit Dragonknight that I've occasionally dabbled with, though he's still a pitifully low level (less than 10) and isn't used to the same degree as my main Templar Alena.

Miscellaneous Characters[edit]

This is the place where I will stick characters who I made up outside of a game, but have no current use in a fanfiction.

The Vampire's Tale[edit]

These are the characters I use in my fan fiction series, The Vampire's Tale. This list is, as this time, incomplete, because I do not wish to inadvertently spoil the events of the Tale. Existing biographies will be fill out as parts to the Tale are released, and additional characters will be added over time.

(Note: Unlike the gameplay bios in the above section, these bios are written assuming that 4E 2, the year of the events of the The Vampire's Tale, is the present year.)

Core Characters[edit]

Gallen (3E 385- ) is a Redguard, and former member of the Blades. Not much is known about his years of service in the Blades, but what is known, is that during the Warp in the West, he was stationed in Daggerfall for mysterious reasons. Following the Warp in the West, he was relocated to Cyrodiil, where he would spend the next 3 decades acting as one of the personal guards of Emperor Uriel VII. In 3E 432, he retired to Cheydinhal to marry his wife Amelia. The next year, they had a daughter. In 4E 2, his family was killed by a vampire, and he set out on one last quest to avenge them.

Jean-Pierre Velain (3E 212- ) is a Breton vampire. He was born and raised as a noble in Daggerfall, but as a youth, he was far too adventurous and wild, despite his parents attempts to raise him into House Velain. On his twentieth birthday, he left his home in Daggerfall to travel to Cyrodiil, where he picked up work with the city guard. He was positioned in a special vampire hunting team in County Kvatch, where he rose up quickly through the ranks, becoming a well respected vampire hunter. In 3E, 234, while at his home, a vampire came posing as a traveler, and ambushed him and his wife. In the confusion, Velain was turned into a vampire, and his pregnant wife, who's name has been lost in time, was killed. After he was transformed, Velain spent the following 200 years killing vampires in an attempt to atone for his curse. Maintaining a mortal persona, he fell back on his noble training and would pose as a wealthy foreigner to Cyrodiil. In 4E 2, he would meet the ex-blade turned vampire hunter Gallen, and the two would quickly become close friends, despite Velain's vampirism.

Crimson-Tail (3E 410- ) is an Argonian vampire, and the main antagonist of The Vampire's Tale. He is responsible to the deaths of Amelia and Rosalyn, Gallen's wife and infant daughter respectively.

Minor Characters[edit]

Amelia (??- 4E 2) and Rosalyn (3E 432- 4E 2) were the wife and daughter respectively of protagonist Gallen. They were killed by Crimson-Tail.

Character Pics[edit]


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