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Mod Name Author Dependencies Opinions
PC Clothier - Balmora AimeeKae None or Tribunal and/or Bloodmoon This mod adds a player owned clothier shop to Balmora that you can stock and make income from. Depending on which ESP you use, which handles how the money is collected, you can either not have any expansions or be dependent on them for the Companion Share version of getting the money. This is an excellent mod and I recommend it if you want to run your own clothing shop in the city.
Hilgya the Seamstress Plangkye Better Bodies 2.0 This mod adds a seamstress to Dagon Fel with gorgeous female outfits. Words won't do them the justice the pictures on the mod page do. The one thing that stumps me is why there is a seamstress with such nice clothing in such a remote and awful location.


Mod Name Author Dependencies Opinions
Acheron's Camping Gear Acheron None I really love this mod, as a roleplayer. If you travel to Molag Mar, you will find a man named "Acheron" wandering the interior of the canton. He wants to leave Vvardenfell, but lacks the funds to, so he's selling his camping gear, a bag containing a tent, a bedroll, 15 leather barriers, a campfire, a stool, a folding table, and a cauldron, all of which you can place on the ground (outside of a settlement) creating a temporary camp site that you can pack up and move at will. This is a fabulous mod for the roleplayers who are either too tight on cash to buy a bed in a tavern, or who like to roleplay and enjoy the vast wilderness of Vvardenfell.
Illy's Oh my Goddess Illuminiel Tribunal and Bloodmoon This is one of my many mods adding feminine clothing to the game, since I am currently roleplaying a female mage who is fussy about that kind of stuff to change things up a bit. This mod adds skimpy chick clothes to Ebonheart that I actually was disappoint in, but won't delete, since I might find a use for them eventually with another character.

Other Mods[edit]

Mod Name Author Dependencies Opinions
Chargen Revamped 2.0 Pwin and Eisenfaust Tribunal This mod gives you a load of alternate starts and the ability to modify your skills and attributes and have equipment before starting the game.