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Becoming a Vampire[edit]






Creature Soul Level
Alpha Wolf Petty
Bear Lesser
Cave Bear Common
Chaurus Reaper Common
Chaurus Lesser
Chicken Petty
Corrupted Shade LeveledL:1x, Petty
Cow Petty
Deer Petty
Dog Petty
Dragon Priest Grand
Draugr Death Overlord Greater, Grand
Draugr Deathlord Common, Greater, Grand
Draugr Overlord Common
Draugr Restless Lesser
Draugr Scourge Lord Common
Draugr Scourge Common
Draugr Thrall Petty
Draugr Wight Lesser
Draugr Petty
Dremora Kynreeve Grand (Black)
Dwarven Centurion N.D.
Dwarven Sphere No soul (resists soul trap)
Dwarven Spider Worker No soul (resists soul trap)
Elk Petty
Creature Soul Level
Falmer Gloomlurker LeveledL:-5
Falmer Nightprowler Common
Falmer Shadowmaster Common, Grand
Falmer Skulker Lesser
Falmer Lesser
Flame Atronach Lesser
Fox Petty
Frost Atronach Common
Frost Troll Common
Frostbite Spider Petty, Lesser
Ghost Grand (Black)
Giant Frostbite Spider Lesser
Giant Greater
Goat Petty
Hagraven Common
Hawk N.D.
Horker Petty
Horse Lesser
Ice Wolf Lesser
Ice Wraith Lesser
King Olaf One-Eye Grand
Magic Anomaly LeveledL:1.75x
Mammoth Grand
Mudcrab Petty
Creature Soul Level
Potema's Remains Grand
Pit Wolf Lesser
Rabbit Petty
Red Eagle LeveledL:Special
Restless Draugr Lesser
Sabre Cat Lesser
Skeever Petty
Skeleton Petty
Slaughterfish Petty
Snow Bear Common
Snow Fox Lesser
Snowy Sabre Cat Lesser
Spriggan Matron Common
Spriggan Lesser
Storm Atronach Greater
The Pale Lady Greater
Troll Lesser
Udefrykte N.D.
Werewolf Lesser
Wispmother Greater
Wisp N.D.
Wolf Petty
Wounded Frostbite Spider Lesser


Apparel Effect Head Neck Chest Arms Finger Feet Shield Base Magnitude
Fortify Skill Alchemy ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +8%
Archery ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13% damage
Barter ☑Yes +8%
Block ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13% damage blocked
Heavy Armor ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +8
Light Armor ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +8
Lockpicking ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13%
One-handed ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13% damage
Pickpocket ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13%
Smithing ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +8%
Sneak ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13%
Two-handed ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +13% damage
Fortify Attribute Magicka ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +20
Regen Magicka ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +20%
Health ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +20
Regen Health ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +10%
Stamina ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +20
Regen Stamina ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +10%
Resist Fire ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +15%
Frost ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +15%
Disease ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +25%
Magic[1] ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +8%
Poison ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +15%
Shock ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +15%
Other Carry Weight ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes +15
Fortify (Magic School) ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes -8% casting cost
Fortify (Magic School)
and Magicka Regen
☑Yes -5% casting cost
10% Magicka Regen[2]
Fortify Unarmed ☑Yes ☑Yes +5 damage
Muffle ☑Yes n/a
Waterbreathing ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes n/a
Apparel Effect Head Neck Chest Arms Finger Feet Shield Base Magnitude
  1. ^ There are two versions of this effect, allowing it to be applied twice. The second version is from the Shield of Solitude and has a base magnitude of 10%.
  2. ^ The magnitude of this part of the effect is fixed regardless of skill, soul used, or perks.