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This sandbox is currently being used for notes.


~ Alarra (talkcontribs)

Things to do[edit]

  • Redirect Lord of Souls pages to The Infernal City since they are sharing
  • Add creatures/plants to Lore:Bestiary and Lore:Flora.
  • Categories for the books and Infernal City pages

Misc Notes[edit]

Legends wallpapers:

Videos on the blog: If you're using the Expert tab, all you have to do is copy the video ID in the youtube url (right after "v=")and click the YouTube button on the Expert tab. The code should look like [video:youtube:videoIDhere]

Things I intend to do someday (whether I actually get around to it is another story):[edit]

  • Make pages for Naryu's Journal
  • Transcribe the "Making of Oblivion" and "Making of Skyrim" videos.
  • Add pages about merchandise, esp. Skyrim Monopoly
  • Make a page about Jeremy Soule - need to get permission for whatever photo we use.
  • Make gifs of the ESO emoticons. Footage is recorded; it's just that cropping and converting them into over 100 gifs is a daunting task and not the most urgent thing.
  • Make gifs of the Legends premium cards


  • Thinking of programming an ES name generator that could potentially go on the site if I ever get around to making it. This is going to take a bit of thought though and is more of a "maybe someday" thing than a solid plan.
  • After starting to read the lorebook compilations on a walk and thinking about how nice it would be to just have an audio version instead of the wind blowing the pages around, I've become really interested in spearheading a project to make audio recordings of the lorebooks.

Stuff for the bot to update[edit]

Update links[edit]

  • "Books:Umbriel" > "Books:The Infernal City/Umbriel"
  • "Books:Creatures" > "Books:The Infernal City/Creatures"
  • "Books:Factions > "Books:The Infernal City/Factions"
  • "Books:Items" > "Books:The Infernal City/Items"
  • "Books:Places" > "Books:The Infernal City/Places"