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I return with the exciting new release of TESV: Skyrim! New content means new pages and new errors for me to fix! So welcome to my User Page!

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About me[edit]

I'm a veteran of TES series, having played Morrowind, its expansions, Oblivion, its expansions/DLC and Skyrim all on Xbox and Xbox 360 since about 2003, and more recently I've re-explored Morrowind GOTY on the PC, along with a few choice mods. I found UESP on the Internet awhile back and began making edits and getting involved in making it a better resource for people looking for information about TES. I stopped my regular checks and activity for a time shortly after Fallout 3 was released, seeing that most of the articles on the site were mostly complete and most work being done was managerial and above my knowledge of wiki-editing. At that point, I worked on a couple Fallout wikis and dabbled with a COD and a Halo wiki until I got bored and frustrated with the people managing it. I've found UESP to be, by far, the greatest gaming-oriented wiki on the Internet and I think its content, accuracy, and attention to detail speaks volumes for the people that run it. So there's my editing history, I look forward to contributing to the site once again! Oh, and the name was just something I thought would be fun at the time. I don't have any crazy obsession with the Adoring Fan, and I actually usually play as a Breton in Morrowind Oblivion, and as a Nord or High Elf in Skyrim.


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