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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Upgrade History discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

22 November 2006

  • Modified MonoBook.php to put the search box higher. Still may tweak with its position some as I get feedback.

8 November 2006

  • Added the following settings to LocalSettings.php
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['createpage']      = false;
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['createtalk']      = true;
 $wgAutoConfirmAge = 3600*24;

6 November 2006

  • Fixed extra blank lines in several extensions that were causing errors in the RSS feeds.
  • Started ntpd to fix the server time which was slightly off.
  • Improved the namespace display on the search page.

3 November 2006

  • Updated good article count from 2877 to 4431 (was not updating in a while). The article count was derived from:
  LEFT JOIN revision ON ( rev_id = page_latest ) LEFT JOIN text ON ( old_id = rev_text_id )
  WHERE ( page_namespace %2 =0) AND (page_namespace =0 OR page_namespace >=100) 
  AND old_text LIKE '%[[%'
  • Added $wgContentNamespaces to LocalSettings.php to properly update the article counts for pages in other namespaces (seems to be working).
  • Added $wgBlockAllowsUTEdit = true setting.
  • Adding $wgAllowUserCss = true and $wgAllowUserJs = true settings.

30 October 2006

  • Updated Oblivion alchemy calculator.
  • Made the wiki link on the old site larger.
  • Updated wiki to 1.8.2.
  • Fixed some minor errors that regularily occur on the old site (to keep error_log as small as possible).
  • Enabled the rename user extension.
  • Finally got automatic backups of Wiki database and image directory working.

15 October 2006

  • Improved image thumbnail creation thanks to changes made by Nephele.
  • Added SVG to allowed upload types.
  • Tried to install the Renameuser extension but noted it requires v1.7.0 of the Wiki. Will defer until I get around to upgrading PHP and the Wiki.
  • Added the SpamBlacklist extension as required. It prevents pages with URLS matching regexes on the UESPWiki:Spam_Blacklist page from being saved. Tested quickly and it seems to work.
  • Upgraded to v1.5 of the StringFunctions extensions. Not tested.
  • Changed permissions to disallow regular users from patrolling articles (I think).
  • Edited several PHP scripts to produce fewer errors (was filling up the error log unnecessarily).

23 August 2006

  • Finished minor tweaks in order for most pages to validate 100% using the Firefox HTML Validator Extension. Still a few warnings here and there that I'll continue to fix as I find them.

16 August 2006

  • Installed the CheckUser extension with some difficulty. There were problems with it using the ExtensionFunctions.php file for defining a new special page due to use of file as a class variable (apparently conflicting with a function name). The problem was resolved by simply instancing the new special page class directly from CheckUser.php.

12 August 2006

  • Fixed bug in the ParseFunctions extension which caused a huge number of error messages in the log.
  • Rebuilt the link tables which fixes the problems with Special:Wantedpages and some other special pages.
  • Modified Special:Lonelypages to check for template inclusion links which makes it much more useful.
  • Modified the ParserCache.php file to allow the disableCache() function to work properly for extensions.

30 July 2006

  • Performed security patch to kernel files as recommended by the web server company.
  • Upgraded Wiki from 1.5.7 to 1.6.8
  • Added the 'archive' path to the images directory which allows existing images to be updated.
  • Added the Wiki extensions StringFunctions, ParserFunctions, CharInsert, and InputBox as requested.
  • Fixed image directory permissions which allows thumbnails to automatically be used now.
  • Added a few extra allowed image types (bmp, pcx, and tga).

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