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Ungeleb (Ungeleb)
Home City Mournhold
Store Great Bazaar's Magic Shop
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Level 40 Class Alchemist Service
Gold 9000 Mercantile Novice (9)
Other Information
Health 184 Magicka 200
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Ungeleb is a Bosmer alchemist who can be found in the Great Bazaar's Magic Shop. He handles the alchemy side of the magic business, while Jeanne Andre runs the spell side.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty.
Journeyman's Calcinator 1
Grandmaster's Alembic 1
Grandmaster's Calcinator 1
Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle 1
Grandmaster's Retort 1
Bargain Fortify Health Potion -1
Bargain Potion of Light -1
Cheap Potion of Fortify Magicka 1
Standard Disease Resistance -1
Standard Potion of Invisibility 1
Standard Rising Force Potion 1
Quality Disease Resistance -1
Exclusive Disease Resistance -1
Exclusive Fire Resistance -1
Exclusive Potion of Fire Shield -1
Item Qty.
Potions (cont.)
Exclusive Fortify Fatigue -1
Exclusive Fortify Health -1
Exclusive Fortify Magicka -1
Exclusive Frost Resistance -1
Exclusive Potion of Light -1
Exclusive Lightning Shield -1
Exclusive Magicka Resistance -1
Exclusive Potion of Night-Eye -1
Exclusive Poison Resistance -1
Exclusive Potion of Reflection -1
Exclusive Restore Agility -1
Exclusive Restore Endurance -1
Exclusive Restore Fatigue -2
Exclusive Restore Health -2
Exclusive Restore Intelligence -1
Exclusive Restore Luck -1
Exclusive Restore Magicka -1
Item Qty.
Potions (cont.)
Exclusive Restore Personality -1
Exclusive Restore Speed -1
Exclusive Restore Strength -1
Exclusive Restore Willpower -1
Exclusive Shock Resistance -1
Exclusive Spell Absorption -1
Exclusive Potion of Swift Swim -1
Potion of Cure Blight Disease -2
Potion of Cure Common Disease -2
Potion of Cure Paralyzation -2
Potion of Cure Poison -2
Potion of Dispel -1
Potion of Marking -1
Potion of Recall -1
Potion of Water Breathing 1
Potion of Water Walking 1
Item Qty.
Shein 1
Cyrodiilic Brandy 2
Flin 1
Mazte 2
Sujamma 3
Telvanni Bug Musk 1
Fire Salts 1
Heather 1
Pearl 3
random_de_cheapfood_01_ne 2
random_ingredient 22