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Kintyra II
(lore page)
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i014KintyraII01, Tr07i014KintyraII02, Tr07i014KintyraII03
Northwest of Stirk
The Kintyra II on the seabed near Stirk

Kintyra II is a sunken vessel to the northwest of Stirk. It is most easily reached from Broken Fang Cave and then swimming northwest

You will first learn about this shipwreck from Helga Open-Legs during the Helga's Fine quest and will then visit it during the related quest under orders from Cartello Stirk. Obviously, Water Breathing is necessary.

The normal entry route, the door on the outer deck, is blocked and the only way in is through a crack in the ship's right flank which leads to the mid deck. Here you will find a topaz, some common storage and three bunks, which you obviously can't use. The upper deck consists of the captain's quarters and contains nothing but upturned furniture. The storage deck lives up its name; with a good deal of crates and barrels getting in your way. In a wine rack you will find some beverages and the skooma Jean Ciscotte was talking about. On the floor are two of the helmets needed for the related quest, while the other six are in the crate furthest from the ladder.

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