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Daedric Shrine:
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 4
Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon
Worshippers, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Yashazmus, Outer Halls
Yashazmus, Shrine
Yashazmus, Flooded Halls
Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice
Telvanni Isles, [39,18]
Yashazmus, crumbling under the weight of the Telvanni roots

Yashazmus is a large daedric ruin to the west of Port Telvannis, dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon.

To reach Yashazmus, take the road which leaves Port Telvanni from the northwest. This road eventually cuts straight through the middle of the ruin, so it is impossible to miss. On the surface, Yashazmus is covered in a mass of rogue Telvanni roots, which have caused significant structural damage to the shrine's many towers. There are two entrances into the shrine, one which requires levitation or skillful jumping to access at the top of the southern tower, and one which is much easier to access by the road. The surface of the ruin is guarded by four random daedra.

Outer Halls[edit]

This is the first section you will enter. The halls contain one Scamp, one Clannfear, and two Dremora, one of which is a Dremora Lord. If you entered from the southern tower, you will find yourself at the top of a ruined staircase which leads down to the halls. The only treasure in this section are 250 gold coins and some enchanted bolts on the corpse at the base of the ruined tower. There are three doorways in this section; two lead outside while the other grants you access to the Shrine. If you let Mjording try and rescue his wife during the Fiancee Lost quest, his corpse will be found in this section. If Eranil and Arelis Lloran are with you on the Gah Sadrith Inquisition quest, a magical barrier will appear in this section to block the exits.


The offering in Yashazmus, including the mighty Daedric Naginata
The Citadel of Yashazmus

You will begin this section inside a massive excavated cavern, at the foot of a huge daedric citadel with a giant statue of Mehrunes Dagon at the top. This section is inhabited by Eranil, Arelis Lloran, and four daedra worshippers. Speaking with Eranil will start the Gah Sadrith Inquisition quest. Underneath the statue of Dagon is the only loot to be found in this section: a ruby, a pearl, a grand soul gem, a daedra's heart, a cursed ruby, a cursed diamond, and the unique spear Daedric Naginata. If you pick up the Daedric Naginata, it will disappear, and the powerful Dremora Lord Drekhva Yashaz will appear and attack you. There are three exits from this section: the two at the base of the citadel lead to the Flooded and the Outer Halls while the one halfway up the citadel takes you to the Pit of Sacrifice.

Flooded Halls[edit]

These next halls are, as the name suggests, flooded. This section contains another smaller shrine to Dagon and a small side room above the flood waters. There are three daedra worshippers in this section: one in the shrine room and two in the side room. There is some good treasure in this area; on the shrine there is a daedric steel broadsword and several gems while in the side room you will find a master's lockpick, a master's mortar and pestle, and some skooma, alongside several other potions.

Pit of Sacrifice[edit]

The prison cages, where Melie is found in the Fiancee Lost quest

In this section, daedra worshippers make grisly sacrifices to appease their lord. The first chamber is small, and has a deep pit which is used for disposing of corpses. This cavern contains four Clannfear and numerous corpses. The ledge drops off with no paths back, so levitation is quite useful. The larger cavern to the north contains three daedra worshippers and a reasonable amount of loot; including N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! and two Scrolls of Lesser Domination. The long chamber to the east is where the prisoners are kept in suspended cages before they are sacrificed. It is here that Melie, the fiancée of Mjording can be found for the Fiancee Lost quest. The key for releasing her from her shackles is on the table west of the entrance, next to a bottle of skooma and the book Realizations of Acrobacy. The lord of the daedra worshippers in Yashazmus, Ilwen, is also found in this room during the Gah Sadrith Inquisition quest.

Related Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Arelis Lloran Male Dunmer Crusader 36 275 156 90 30 Yashazmus, Shrine Features in the quest: Gah Sadrith Inquisition
Drynjot the Frostbitten Male Nord Barbarian 22 194 94 0 100 Yashazmus, Flooded Halls
Enarvy Balvel Male Dunmer Thief 18 128 134 0 90 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice
Eranil Male Dunmer Witchhunter 33 160 200 90 30 Yashazmus, Shrine Features in the quest: Gah Sadrith Inquisition
Estina Female Bosmer Archer 21 165 112 0 100 Yashazmus, Shrine
Fernil Yantus Male Dunmer Commoner 8 86 96 90 30 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice Already dead, Features in the quest Fiancee Lost
Hyaril Dilarath Male Altmer Sorcerer 25 162 300 0 100 Yashazmus, Shrine
Ignar the Butcher Male Nord Master-at-Arms 23 232 96 0 100 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice Trainer
Ilwen Male Altmer Spellsword House Telvanni Retainer(Retainer) 46 275 200 0 30 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice Features in the quest: Gah Sadrith Inquisition
Melie Female Breton Healer 10 100 400 0 10 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice Features in the quest: Fiancee Lost
Nidali Drom Female Dunmer Witch 24 126 500 0 100 Yashazmus, Flooded Halls
Rilam Nethrend Male Dunmer Knight 23 198 128 0 100 Yashazmus, Shrine
Riniso Male Redguard Warrior 21 220 92 0 100 Yashazmus, Flooded Halls
Vilvan Nelvani Male Dunmer Warlock 30 154 300 0 90 Yashazmus, Pit of Sacrifice
Volenu Salvi Female Dunmer Warrior 20 208 110 0 100 Yashazmus, Shrine