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Many interesting items are scattered in hidden locations. Can you find all the treasure chests and get the keys to unlock them?
Location(s): Maelasi Cavern, Assarhun, Dunada-Nammu, Seradan Grotto, and Impaled Shipwreck
Reward: About 25000 gold total, Secret Master's Alembic, Scroll of Ashen Fury, Scroll of Windwalker, Hand in Hand, A Just Punishment, Daedric Hide Right Gauntlet, Rapture's Fist, Aena Spear, Dagger of Stalking, Edge of the Abyss, Iron Saber, Sashka's Reaver, and more.
Just some of the rewards

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Collect keys found in random loot.
  2. Find special chests in various locations that can only be opened with their key.
  3. Open the chests and grab your rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

During your travels, you may come across five keys with no obvious purpose: an Ornate Iron Key, an Ornate Copper Key, an Iron Key, Pewter Key, and a Tin Key. Unfortunately, there are many other useless keys, but those five are worth keeping.

Also during your travels, you may come across five special chests. They appear normal but when you try to pick their locks they remain stubbornly shut. Each chest requires one of the special keys to unlock it.


  • This 'quest' is not a full-fledged one since it will not appear in your journal and because there is no quest giver. It is simply a long hunt for several unique items, and other more generic ones, hidden away all across Morrowind.