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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m1_bk_T_Vault_Ledger
Value 0 Weight 2
Found in the following locations:
  • Nowhere
Telvanni Vault Ledger
A full inventory of the vault in Port Telvannis


[This book contains meticulous records of all commerce and transactions via the Port Telvannis Vault as well as an up to date account of the current inventory.]


One Armun-An Right Pauldron
Two Bonemold Guard Shields
One Cephalopod Helm
One set of Ebony Greaves
One Glass Tower Shield
One Molecrab Helm
One Pair of Orcish Boots
One Daedric Dagger
One Dwemer Jinksword
Seven Ebony Arrows
One Glass Netch Dagger
One Iron Cuirass
One Iron Towershield
One set of Iron Greaves
One Full Set of Non-Denominative Bonemold Armor, Without Helm
One Bonemold Shield
One Bonemold Tower Shield
One Chitin Spear
One Chitin War Axe
Three Chitin Daggers
One Steel Shortsword
One Iron Dagger
One Iron Club
One Steel Club
One Steel War Axe
Five Dire Frost Arrows
Five Silver Throwing Stars
Two Cruel Viper Arrows
Eight Bonemold Arrows
One Cruel Sparksword
One Ebony Broadsword
One Ebony Mace
One Ebony Shortsword
One Ebony Staff
One Ebony War Axe


Eight Petty Soul Gems
Three Lesser Soul Gems
Five Common Soul Gems
Four Greater Soul Gems
One Grand Soul Gem


Two Daedra Skins
One Daedra Heart
Two Tenths of Fire Salts
Two Tenths of Frost Salts
One Tenth of Vampire Dust
Five Sload Soaps
One Ash Yam
Three Kwama Cuttles
Four Tenths of Resin
One Master's Retort
One Master's Calcinator
One Master's Alembic
One Master's Mortar and Pestle
One Quality Potion of Restore Speed


Nine Diamonds
Twelve Emeralds
Nineteen Pearls
Ten Rubies
Eight Ambers
Eight Amethysts
Thirteen Aquamarines
Five Jets
Ten Moonstones
Two Opals
Two Rock Crystals
Three Tektites
Two Thousands, Five Hundreds and Five Drakes