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The local people of Llothanis need some guidance from the Temple.
Quest Giver: Ratagos in Ranyon-ruhn
Location(s): Llothanis
Prerequisite Quest: Chores in Port Telvannis
Next Quest: The Gathering Storm
Reward: Varies (see walkthrough)
Disposition: Varies (see walkthrough)
Reputation Gain: +2 (Tribunal Temple)
ID: TR_m1_TT_3
The body of Yishini lies in sight of town

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ratagos to receive a new task.
  2. Head to Llothanis and spread the word among the commoners.
  3. Hear rumors of a missing commoner.
  4. Find the missing person.
  5. Report back to Ratagos.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

More Support[edit]

Having boosted support in Port Telvannis, Ratagos' next task for you is to do the same in Llothanis by speaking to the commoners there. Head to Llothanis along the road that runs east out of Ranyon-ruhn and begin your search. In total, there are eight commoners in town, but you won't be able to find all eight. After you preach to the first one, he or she will tell you about Yishini, who needs healing but who has gone missing. It seems she fell ill three days ago, and left the city last night. The guards saw her head west out of town then turn south. They believe she was heading towards the shrine of Boethiah.

An Unfortunate Discovery[edit]

Head after Yishini. Follow the road south, past Lagryn Darys' Shack until a dirt path appears on the right. Poor Yishini's body lies nearby.

On closer examination, it appears Yishini was a vampire who was caught outside when the sun came up. Bring this terrible news back to Llothanis and finish talking to the commoners, then return to Ratagos.

Ratagos is deeply worried at the news of the dead vampire and opines that if the Telvanni would let more priests into their lands, no vampires would be able to escape. His disposition towards you rises by three points, and you receive two Temple faction reputation points. The rest of your reward depends on how many commoners you managed to speak to.

Number Gold Disposition Other
1 0 -4
2-3 20 0
4-5 75 2 Amulet of Almsivi Intervention
6+ 100 3 Amulet of Almsivi Intervention


  • In earlier versions, the city of Llothanis was named Gah Ouadaruhn, and thus this quest was known as "Support in Gah Ouadaruhn".

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Support in Llothanis (TR_m1_TT_3)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Ratagos wants me to go to Llothanis and gather support for the Temple amongst the commoners.
20 I convinced one of Llothanis' commoners to support the Temple.
30 The commoners of Llothanis told me of how one of the townsfolk, Yishini, was diseased but refused aid by the Telvanni. I need to cure her, but I am told she was seen slipping out of town to the west, and heading south, after dark last night.
40 After following the south road for a while, I discovered Yishini's corpse. Upon closer inspection, I discovered she had become a vampire! She must have died when the sun came up as she made her way out of town.
50 ☑Finishes quest Ratagos thanked me for helping support the Temple in Ranyon-ruhn, and for trying to save Yishini.
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