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Pawnbrokers are merchants who will buy almost anything from you, including some miscellaneous goods that nobody else will buy, like plates. This can be very convenient, as you cannot sell stolen pillows to armorers. However, they will pay less for each item. For example: a tan plate is worth ten gold, but the pawnbroker will only pay about three to five gold, depending on your Mercantile skill level. The pawnbroker is a good place to dump your unwanted items, but it should be avoided if there are other options in the immediate area.

List of Pawnbrokers[edit]

Here is a list of all pawnbrokers in the game, sorted by the amount of gold they can trade with.

Name Gold Location Faction Notes
Llathros Edri 950 Port Telvannis, Llathros Edri: Pawnbroker Great House Telvanni 3(Lawman)
Valvius Matius 780 Helnim, Valvius Matius: Pawnbroker
Aarlen Lleranoth 760 Helnim, Aarlen Lleranoth: Pawnbroker
Farasira Sadas 500 Llothanis, Farasira Sadas: Merchant
Brelerun Overin 250 Ranyon-ruhn, Silt Strider Tower
Tamas Calisan 175 Llothanis
Alana Crenset 150 Llothanis
Tumsa Llethan 100 Tel Muthada
Frana Ginti 75 Llothanis