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In the many cities and towns of Morrowind you may find Clothiers that sell many different types of clothes, some of which are needed to complete quests. The majority of items sold here are just normal garments devoid of magical properties, but some are enchanted with a variety of effects.

List of Clothiers[edit]

Here is a list of all clothiers in the game, sorted by the amount of gold they can trade with (default sorting).

Name Gold Location Notes
Dremil Seniran 1500 Helnim, Dremil Seniran: Jeweller
Calbin Ragis 1050 Port Telvannis, Calbin Ragis: Clothier
Fedrin Adlan 950 Firewatch, Fedrin Adlan: Clothier
Caras Tisaro 800 Pahunsabi, Bandit's Base Hostile to the player
Elmani Athrelys 800 Pahunsabi Hostile to the player
Perois Falas 690 Helnim, The Crusader's Valet
Cabrinth Dven 600 Gah Sadrith, Cabrinth Dven: Jeweller
Merlador 525 Llothanis, Merlador: Clothier
Marin Tabas 450 Gah Sadrith, Marin Tabas: Clothier
Falkoth 430 Helnim, Falkoth: Clothier
Favana Selethi 350 Alt Bosara, Favana Selethi: Clothier
Dondolin 300 Bal Oyra, Dondolin's House
Rocconius Rone 300 Bal Oyra, Rocconius' Clothing Store
Folstar 150 Helnim, Marketplace