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Swiftcut Saber
Artifact: Swiftcut Saber (T_Imp_Uni_SwiftcutSaber)
Type Long Blade, One Handed
Damage Damage
Chop 7−30 Slash 6−27
Thrust 3−10 Ratio 60
Health Health 1650
Health Health 1650
Speed 2
Speed 2 Reach 1
Weight Weight 20 Value Value 25000
Constant Effect
Fortify Attribute Agility Fortify Attribute Agility 10 pts
Sanctuary Sanctuary 15 pts
Feather Feather 20 pts
Swiftcut Saber

The Swiftcut Saber is a masterfully crafted saber that's said to have formerly belonged to the legendary Star Man who brought many Redguards by ship to their new homeland on Tamriel.

It cannot yet be obtained without console commands.