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Artifact: Preyseeker (T_De_UNI_PreyseekerHelm)
Type Helmet
Rating Rating 30 (100 Max)
Rating Rating 30 (100 Max) Health Health 400
Weight Weight 1.2 (Light) Value Value 12000
Constant Effect
Night Eye Night Eye 20 pts
Detect Animal Detect Animal 150 ft
Fortify Skill Short Blade Fortify Skill Short Blade 10 pts
Fortify Skill Marksman Fortify Skill Marksman 10 pts
Charge/Cost = Uses Infinite

Preyseeker is a helmet with an enchantment that's useful for thief or assassin characters. As its name suggests, it helps you detect animals and adds Night Eye for nighttime preying. It also fortifies Short Blade and Marksman skills.

It cannot yet be obtained without console commands.