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Death Mask of Empress Katariah
Artifact: Death Mask of Empress Katariah (T_Imp_UNI_KatariahsDeathMask, T_Imp_UNI_KatariahsDeathMask_x)
Type Helmet
Rating Rating 17 (56 Max)
Rating Rating 17 (56 Max) Health Health 590
Weight Weight 2.35 (Light) Value Value 13000
Cast When Used
Sanctuary Sanctuary 20 pts for 5 secs on Self
Charge/Cost = Uses 25/5 = 5
Death Mask of Empress Katariah

The Death Mask of Empress Katariah is a helmet with a Sanctuary enchantment that was buried with Empress Katariah.

The mask is entombed at the end of the Burial of the Empress section of Raathim Ancestral Tomb, which you explore during the Thieves Guild quest An Empress' Ransom. If you choose to give it to Antio Florane to escape his trap, you will find it on his corpse on the way back to the tomb's entrance.

You are forced to give the mask to the guards when you reunite with Wry-Eye Moranie. It later appears in the Great Hall of the Ebon Tower, but this version, T_Imp_UNI_KatariahsDeathMask_x, is unenchanted.


  • If you bypass Antio's trap by attacking him, you keep the mask, but his corpse still appears with a second copy of the mask. ?