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Information on what happens when Morrowind executable runs...


  • Load esms in dependency/chronological order. I.e., mods load in chronological order. However, if a mod depends on another mod that hasn't loaded yet, then that mod will be loaded first.
  • Load esps in chronological order.
  • If changed then you get a warning.
Note: The esm/esp files store a list of files on which they depend, along with the file size of each dependency at the time when the esm/esp was saved; a change in file size is used for detecting changes and triggering this warning.

Load Game[edit]

  • Warn if the savegames master list is not a sublist of the existing master list. **I.e., if the current master list is the same or only differs in adding new entries at the end, then no warning. Otherwise, you'll get a warning.
  • If there was a previous save or new game, then clean out the changes that it made.
  • Load changes made by savegame.
    • If masterlist has changed, then try to adapt to changes.

Load Game Cleaning[edit]

The cleaning done prior to loading a save game is not perfect. In particular:

  • Any journal indices set by "setJournalIndex" are not updated. (This may depend on the available journal entries, etc.)
  • Some internal state information of the character generation process is not cleaned. This internal state determines whether you get a "Next" or "Okay" button/behavior for the various chargen menus (race, birth, class, etc.). This is why you run into problems if you try to do multiple enableRaceMenus in a single game session.

Master List Change Handling[edit]

  • Try to tweak modindex references to correct values.
    • This seems to work sometimes, but not other times. Changing the name of an mod or reordering anything but an esm seems very likely to cause problems (doubling, etc.)
    • This is the problem that Wrye Mash was created to solve. It preedits the savegame to adjust for changes in master list.
  • Tweak the gamefile map file for exterior cells whose landscape is determined by a newly added mod.
    • Note that removing a mod will not cause an update of the gamemap.
  • Update journal heads with quest names if they've been added. I.e., if you started out with a morrowind only game, then later adding tribunal will trigger an update that adds the quest names to the journal.