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  • Overview
    • Modders place objects into world in TESCS. These appear as references.
    • In playing the world, changes to those objects are represented by references in the save game which modify the original references in the mod files.
    • Also, new objects placed in the world are also represented by references.
    • Objects in containers (chests, npcs, creatures) are not references.
  • Reference persists checkbox.
    • What it means.
    • Automatic for some objects.
    • Effect on position of reference in load list.
    • Required for scripts that operate on objects by id.
  • Reference Problems
    • Doubling
    • Bad Deletes

Dirty Saves[edit]

  • Object Problems
    • Mod Object Conflicts
  • Reference Problems
    • Doubling
    • Bad Deletes
    • Mod Ref Conflicts.
  • Debris Problems
    • Headless NPCs.
    • Inability to clean and restart a mod.

Reference Technical[edit]

  • Elsewhere
    • Technical details of references (FRMR records, etc.)
  • Special Cases
    • Spawned creatures.
    • Moved references.
    • Global script references.