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This template allows game articles that transclude Lore articles to have sensible tense structures.

Game articles are usually written in the present tense while Lore articles are written in the perfect tense to maintain a consistent time structure. This can cause problems when a Lore article is transcluded into a gamespace.


Parameter Scope Description
1 required The word whose tense is to be switched


She {{Tense|is}} sister to [[Lore:Greklith|Greklith]] and [[Lore:Lhotun|Lhotun]]

She sister to Greklith and Lhotun

She {{Tense|lived}} in [[Lore:Anvil|]].

She in Anvil.


The template doesn't possess a full dictionary. Additional words will need to be added as required. If the template is needed for Morrowind content, consider using the {{MWTense}} template instead. It doesn't have any limits on vocabulary since you supply both words.