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Correlation Between Nocturnal and Night Mother[edit]

Is it possible there is some correlation between Nocturnal and The Night Mother? Or perhaps between Sithis and Nocturnal? For one both The Night Mother and Nocturnal have quite similar names with both being avatars of the night, but also in Skyrim its mentioned that Nocturnal is often referred to as "Lady Luck" and that the portal to her Daedric plane is the source of all luck, and in Oblivion the statue of "The Lucky Old Lady", which bestows a blessing of luck, turns out to be The Night Mother. Is it just some random coincidence or is there more to it?

Im just brainstorming here, but if Anu and Sithis (Padomay) are opposing forces, is it possible that daedra are a sort of spawn of Sithis while Aedra are spawn of Anu? How could this theory fit into the likeness between The Night Mother and Nocturnal. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 06:28 on 25 December 2011

  • Well if you read some of the text ((I forget the name)) The Nightmother was a Dunmer in life, a mortal who rose to the highest ranked female of the Morag Thong. The description of Nocturnal has her at Redguard. When the Nightmother was alive it's speculated she was some kind of sourceress, and in oblivion you had "Fortify Attribute" spells. More than Likely, Nightmother used her magic from beyond the void in the form of the statue ((errected over the foundation of the house Bravil burned down to kill her when they discovered she murdered her 5 children)) to ease the descendants of the mob that killed her. Whereas Nocturnal is an entirely different entity who is associated with luck as a passive effect and not a temporary spell.-- 21:15, 28 February 2012 (UTC)

It's easy to simplify things, and fall into the trap of thinking that, since Anu and Sithis are opposites, then the Aedra must be aligned with Anu, while the Daedra are aligned with Sithis. However, it's not that straightforward. See, the Aedra (commonly known as The Eight Divines) are the product of Anu and Sithis, while the Daedra are completely separate entities.

The second problem is that night, darkness, and shadow can be used to symbolize various ideas. In the case of Nocturnal - it's in the sense of mystery, or concealment, while in the case of Sithis, it's nothingness, which coincides with "The Void" he represents. Sithis of course also represents change - which, is certainly another aspect that The Dark Brotherhood embodies.