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This page documents the new items added by the Staff of Sheogorath Creation.


Name (ID) Type Tempering Weight Value Damage Enchantment Acquisition Notes
SR-icon-weapon-Fork of Horripilation.png Fork of Horripilation
Dagger No 6 500 1 See Quest: Put A Fork In It
SR-icon-weapon-Staff of Sheogorath.png Staff of Sheogorath
Staff (?) 8 3965 0 Targets that fail to resist are paralyzed for 10 seconds. See Quest: Put A Fork In It Can be crafted at a Staff Enchanter


Title (ID) Author Description Location
Mysterious Note
Sheogorath A letter challenging the reader to an unorthodox combat trial

Quest Items[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Quest/Notes
SR-icon-misc-Branch of the Tree of Shades.png Branch of the Tree of Shades
0 1

Quest: Put A Fork In It
Appeared in Shivering Isles as the Screaming Branch.

SR-icon-misc-Ciirta's Eye.png Ciirta's Eye
0 100

Quest: Put A Fork In It
Appeared in Shivering Isles.