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Melka (RefID: 000220BB)
Location Blind Cliff Cave
Species Hagraven Soul Common
Level 20 Type Monsters
RefID 000220BB BaseID 00039B3E
Hagraven Claws, Hagraven Feathers, Ingredients, Soul Gems
Other Information
Health 571 Magicka 264
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Sneak, Alteration
Faction(s) Player Ally Faction

Melka is a non-hostile hagraven that is found locked up in a cage inside Blind Cliff Bastion. She will ask you to release her so she can get revenge on the other hagraven, Petra, who locked her up there and stole her tower from her. After talking to her, the miscellaneous quest The Affairs of Hagravens will be started. If you decide to release her, you will have to guide her through the tower; she will tell you how to avoid and turn off traps, and seems eager for you to like her tower. If she is still alive when Petra is killed, she will give you her prized staff, Eye of Melka. She will then stay in the area Petra was killed in. Alternatively, you can choose to kill her instead to obtain the staff.

Like other hagravens, Melka knows Fast Healing and Close Wounds. However, while other hagravens use spells which cause fire damage, Melka uses the spells Frostbite, Ice Spike, and Ice Storm.

When you first get close to her, she'll notice your presence: "Who enters? Will nobody save poor Melka?" When you approach the cage, she may attempt to draw your attention: "You, meat! Come, come.", and "Don't leave poor Melka to die." If you speak to her at this point, she'll ask you to free her: "Pretty, pretty flesh. Let me out!" When you ask her what she's doing in that cage, she'll explain: "Petra! Evil Petra put me here, stole my tower. Hate her, chew her bones! Let me out, kind, kind meat."

You can ask her why you should release her, and her answer depends on what race you are. If you're a Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Nord, Redguard, or Wood Elf, she'll take you for a Breton regardless: "Because, because you are such a nice Breton, yes!" If you're an Argonian, Khajiit, or an Orc instead, she'll guess you are the latter: "Because you are such a very nice Orc?" If her guess was wrong, you'll either tell her you're not a Breton, or remark that she must not be seeing a lot of Orcs around, and in both cases she'll admit: "Oh. Yes. You all look the same." If, however, her guess happens to be correct, you point out that's not a very good reason, to which she'll grow impatient: "Reason, reason, reason. Your kind and their reasons."

You can ask her what you'll get out of it when you free her, and she'll offer her staff: "Ah, I have a pretty staff. Help me find Petra, wring her neck, pluck her eyes. Take my prize staff, I just want my tower back!" If Petra happens to already be dead, you can tell her that as well: "What? That flower-chewer's died? Then let me out. My tower!"

If you decide to open the cage, she'll be happy: "Yes, kind morsel. Let us go up, and mind Melka on the way." If you greet her at this point, she may say any of the following lines: "We go up, yes? Always up." "Such a kind nibble you are.", "Petra! Petra! Curse her eyes!", or "Do you like my pretty tower?"

When you reach the first gate with three handles in front of it, she'll tell you which one opens the gate: "Press only middle button! Clever trick, yes? Nobody ever thinks of the middle." Once you reach the caged walkway with the swinging blade traps, she'll open up a concealed door by activating a handle on the floor, revealing a lever to deactivate the traps. While she does this, she'll say, "Careful here, there's a trick to this. Trick is to not bleed to death. Ah, and there's a lever, too." When you get to the room with the alchemy lab and the cooking pot, she'll remark, "Ah, my parlor. No finer place to boil eyes, no..." When you confront Petra, she'll exclaim: "Petra, you traitorous grouse! Die!" And finally, when she approaches Petra's dead body, she'll close with, "I spit on you, dead sister."

With Petra dead, you can now tell Melka you expect a reward, to which she'll give the staff: "Yes, yes. My staff, take it. Kill something pretty with it." If you ask her what she'll do now, she'll tell you, "Live in my tower, roost in my home. Mix pretty poisons and collect shiny eyeballs, yes."

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  • The fact she refers to you as "meat", "morsel", and "nibble", suggests that she eats humanoids. It seems she particularly likes eyeballs, which she admits to boil in a cooking pot.
  • Melka refers to Petra as "sister" on the latter's death. It is unclear whether this relationship is determined by blood or due to sharing a coven.