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Missing Thieves Trove[edit]

Not sure how else to go about handling this but the map at on Glenumbra is missing a thief's trove.

There is an Island East of Aldcroft with an NPC and a Thieves Trove.

Zoomed in all the way on the map between the Aldcroft icon and the Mines of Khuras name is the unnamed island.

It is not the smaller tiny bits of land near the other coast lines but the small island alone.

On the north west side of that though the whole island is all of 5 meters square. — Unsigned comment by ‎ (talk) at 11:41 on 13 February 2017 (UTC)

I've added it for you, based on your description. However, if you find more things that need adding, you can actually edit the map yourself if you like. For example, if you find another Thieves Trove and it's not on our map, you can click Add Location, click where the trove should be on the map (make sure it's zoomed in all the way for accuracy) and type in "Thieves Trove" in the Name field. Then click in the box's white space and it will automatically set the appropriate parameters for the visibility, icon, etc. Then save and you're done. —likelolwhat talk lulzy to me 05:30, 14 February 2017 (UTC)

Skyshard correction[edit]

Second skyshard is Northeast, not Northwest, of Dresan Keep.