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Loot some Altmer weaponry from the Toothmaul goblins.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Toothmaul Gully — Investigate Toothmaul Gully.
Quest Giver: Jilan-dar
Location(s): Toothmaul Gully
Concurrent Quest: The Toothmaul Ploy
Reward: High Leveled gold
XP Gain: High
Jilan-dar has a business proposition
I ran into a captive Khajiit in Toothmaul Gully. I've opted to free him and entertain his offer.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Free Jilan-dar.
  2. Collect the caches.
  3. Meet Jilan-dar outside the Gully.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Rescuing Jilan-dar[edit]

While looking for the Toothmaul Contract during The Toothmaul Ploy, you will find a tied-up Khajiit in the same cavern.

Jilan-dar: "Over here! Untie Khajiit!"

Talk with him to see how he is.

"Jilan-dar is glad to see a not-green face!"
What happened to you?
"Khajiit tied himself up and is trying new fur-cleaning solution. What does it look like! Khajiit was captured! The Goblins snuck off to find carrots, he thinks. Khajiit must taste good with carrots.
Untie Khajiit, he has offer for you."
I'll untie you.

Once he is untied, you can ask him further about the deal.

"Khajiit is flattered the Goblins would try to eat him.
So what's this offer?
"Jilan-dar sells weapons. He gets snatched along the road and dragged here to be eaten, and he notices that the Goblins have shiny High Elf weapons and armor that could be resold to the Dominion.
Khajiit needs to get back to his boat, though."
"You find some of the weapons caches here in the gully, bring them to Jilan-dar outside by his boat. He will cut you in on profits. It is a bad time for the Dominion, and they will be eager to buy the weapons.
Deal. I'll find the caches and meet you outside the cave.

After you agree to help, Jilan-dar will escape and you will need to search the caverns for the three caches.

The Weapon Caches[edit]

Recover the Weapon Caches

The Altmer Cache of Spears can be found in the main cavern [verification needed — locations moved around?]

The Altmer Cache of Blades can be found in the blacksmithing area, where Thek Elf-Stabber and Black Bessie are.

The Altmer Cache of Staves can be found in the cave near the entrance, where Byz is first met.

After you have collected all three caches, you will need to leave the public dungeon to meet with Jilan-dar.

Sealing the Deal[edit]

Seal the deal

Jilan-dar will be waiting for you next to his rowboat on the beach to the west of the gully.

"Khajiit has been waiting. You have the weapons?"
I have them.
"And I've got your payment! Jilan-dar always keeps some squirreled away in the bottom of the boat. The Goblins overlooked it, thankfully.
Pleasure doing business with you, and thanks for saving Khajiit."

You will then receive some gold for your troubles.


  • At some point, Jilan-dar's location was moved from the middle of the main cave. This change also occurred to one of the caches.

Quest Stages[edit]

Well-Armed Savages
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've freed Jilan-dar. I should talk to him and hear his proposal.
Objective: Talk to Jilan-dar
I need to find the arms caches.
Objective: Steal the Cache of Blades
Objective: Steal the Cache of Staves
Objective: Steal the Cache of Spears
I've collected all of the arms caches and should meet Jilan-dar outside of Toothmaul Gully.
Objective: Leave the Gully
☑Finishes quest I've found all of the arms caches. I should meet Jilan-dar outside of the caves and see about getting my cut.
Objective: Talk to Jilan-dar Outside of Toothmaul Gully