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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Prevent the Daedra from using Galerion's essence to power the Planemeld.
Zone: Coldharbour
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: The Black Forge — Enter the Black Forge and rescue Vanus Galerion.
Quest Giver: Projection of Vanus Galerion
Location(s): The Black Forge
Next Quest: Breaking the Shackle
Concurrent Quest: The Army of Meridia
Reward: Black Forge Blade
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Vanus leashed
I came across a magical recording of Vanus Galerion. The message says that the mage decided to enter the Black Forge on his own. He plans to reach the Great Shackle and destroy it, thus completing our mission in Coldharbour.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Projection of Vanus Galerion.
  2. Enter the Black Forge.
  3. Recover Galerion's stolen health.
  4. Find Galerion's Stamina.
  5. Go to the Foundry.
  6. Unbind Galerion's Magicka.
  7. Defeat Kothutuilk and find Galerion's body.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Message from Vanus Galerion[edit]

"The great and wondrous Vanus Galerion has a message for you."

The Groundskeeper will have suggested earlier that you bring Vanus Galerion to your side, however, she did not have his exact location—only that he was to the east of the Hollow City. As you approach the Black Forge, you will see a spectral form calling out to you from the edge of the lava lake. This will be a projection of Vanus Galerion with a prerecorded message.

"Greetings! This magical projection presents my current plan to my allies. Separated and alone, I decided to complete our mission. Personally.
I entered the Black Forge through a side door with the intention of destroying the Great Shackle beyond."
Why did you go in alone?
"In case it needs to be said, the Black Forge creates all of Molag Bal's vile weapons, including the dark anchors and the Great Shackle.
With the Great Shackle destroyed, the threat of the Planemeld should come to an end."
You can't actually hear me, can you?
"No need to concern yourself. I'm sure I have this well in hand. I imagine I've already destroyed the Great Shackle and even now we're celebrating our victory over the Lord of Brutality.
Yes, I'm sure that's what has happened."
I don't think that's what happened. I should go in and find Vanus.

It appears that Galerion has been captured during his one-elf expedition and you will need to find and rescue him. The aforementioned side passage will be below the main entrance and may require some lava hopping to reach it. Once inside, you can begin your search.

Three Sides of a Whole[edit]

Galerion's Health[edit]

Galerion's Health feeds vampires

Once inside, you will find yourself in an outdoor area full of Soulshriven and Bloodfiends, along the path you will find a figure that is bound to a daedric contraption. As you approach, you see that you have found Vanus Galerion—a part of him at least—talk to Galerion's Health to learn what has happened.

"You there, please. I need your assistance."
Are you another magical projection?
"What a ridiculous question! I am the Great Mage's essence of health.
The Daedra captured Vanus. They planned to use him to power the Great Shackle. To prevent this, Vanus divided his essence into three fragments."
What can I do to help you?
"Vampires feed upon this essence and weaken it.
Kill the vampires and collect the energy they siphoned from me. Restore that energy to me and I can easily break free of these flimsy bonds."

When Vanus was captured, he split his being into the three essences, Health, Stamina and Magicka. Though they the Daedra could no longer use him as a power source, his separate parts were weaker, and so they were quickly imprisoned and put to alternative uses. Galerion's Health is being used to feed the vampires. To free this aspect of him, you will need to kill a couple of vampires hanging around. When they die, a portion of his essence will float towards whereupon you absorb them. Once have collected five essences, you can return to to Galerion's Health.

Follow his essence
"Ah, you have returned. I had almost given up hope."
I recovered your stolen energy.
"Yes, I can sense its reinvigorating presence. Give it back to me and I shall free myself.
Follow my light to the slave quarters. Then we can recover our essence of stamina."
Here's your stolen health.

The Health aspect of Galerion will then become a ball of red light which will lead you to the Slave Quarters and the Stamina of Vanus Galerion.

Galerion's Stamina[edit]

Galerion's Stamina rejuvenates the slaves

When you enter the Skave Quarters, there will be several Soulshriven sitting around, Galerion's Stamina will be chained up in a corner. Talk with him to see what you can do to free him.

"I sense the time to reforge the essences of the Great Mage has arrived."
How can I help you?
"The essence before you has been used to feed the slaves and keep them working. Talk to the slaves and convince them to release my energy so that I can break free.
If the slaves refuse, there is another way."
What other way?
"The slaves's taskmaster used a device to rip away my energy. The device can recover the energy, but doing so will destroy the soul shriven you target.
However, the device only works from a distance. Get too close and you can't target a slave."

The Daedra have been siphoning Galerion's Stamina to strengthen their slaves so they do not die as quickly. There are two ways to get that back that energy, firstly, you can obtain an Essence Extractor from the nearby Taskmaster and forcibly rip the essences out of them. Taskmaster Vyrotesn can be found in the side room to the north of the main area, with the Essence Extractor on a table next to him. Once you have the extractor, target a slave and use it on them, killing them in the process.

Slaves of the Black Forge

However, if you don't want to kill innocent people, you can talk to the individual slaves and convince them to return the stamina essence. Some can be bribed, while others will have to be persuaded or intimidated. There are five slaves that can be spoken with:

The Orc Guzash gra-Bar
"I hate this so-called existence."
I need you to return the energy that was fed to you.
"Not a chance, dunghead! It was given to me. Go find your own!"
[Persuade] If you give it to me, I can use it to destroy this forge.
"Well, in that case... Just make sure you shut down this damn forge."
The Khajiit Hillaz
"Escape? That's easy.
Waiting for the right time to make your move? That's where the difficulty comes in."
I need the energy that was fed to you.
"And how will that help this one see the escape plan to fruition?
This one thinks you should bother someone else now."
[Intimidate] Give me the energy or I'll rip it from you.
"Always with the violence! Your kind. So predictable. Very well, take it. This one hopes you choke on it!"
The Breton Jurisa Denter
"Don't run off like that again, Alexis. You know that I worry so!"
Will you return the energy that was fed to you?
"Dear Alexis, why would I do such a thing? The energy makes me strong. I haven't felt this good in such a long time!"
Does gold have value in Coldharbour? [00000347347 Gold Gold]
"Oh, Alexis! You remembered how much I love bright and shiny things! I never could refuse your requests. Take the energy and use it well."
The Dunmer Midura
"I wish we could take longer breaks, but the work never ends."
The energy they fed you. I need it back.
"And what will you give me in return? What do you have that will keep me whole and strong enough to do the work that is required of me?"
[Intimidate] If you don't return the energy, I'll give you a terrible beating.
"Oh, so high and mighty! You think to take the place of the Taskmaster, do you? Oh, very well, take it and get out of my sight. Some of us have to work for a living."
The Redguard Talian
"I saw you eyeing my fire. It isn't very warm, but it's all we've got. Go find your own fire, stranger."
Will you give me the energy they fed to you?
"Why? You don't look like you need it. Without it, I'll grow weak and wither away. Wait, that's what you want to happen! You want to hurt me!"
[Persuade] This won't hurt you. If you give me the energy, it will help you.
"It... will? I don't know.... oh, all right. Take it and leave me alone!"

Once you have obtain the stamina essence by whatever means, you can return to Galerion's Stamina.

"Did... did you succeed?
I recovered the energy from the slaves.
"The Great Mage himself couldn't have done any better, but don't tell him I said that!
After you return my energy, I will break free. The last fragment is trapped in the Foundry. Follow my light and I'll show you the way."
Take back your energy.

It will then turn into an orb of green light and lead you to the Foundry. The red orb of Galerion's Health will also be circling you.

Galerion's Magicka[edit]

Galerion's Magicka powers the forges

The Foundry section of the Black Forge is filled with daedric machinery and Dremora working away. On one of the work tables, you can find a copy of Powering the Dark Anchors, which gives insight into the powering of the Dark Anchors and what they wanted Vanus Galerion for. In the center of the room is Galerion's Magicka, chained up much like the others.

"Ah, the pain! It's exquisite! But this has to end.
The Great Mage must be made whole again so we can finish our mission!"
How do I get you out of there?
"Four seals contain the magic that binds me to this machine. While this essence is locked in place, they siphon my energy into the forge."
I thought you divided yourself so they couldn't do this to you?
"Vanus divided himself to prevent them from using his considerable energy to power the Great Shackle. It didn't stop them from plugging this essence into the forge, however.
Unlock the four seals and I'll be able to escape this damn machine."
Seals of Biding

Despite Vanus initially splitting himself to stop being used as a power source for the Great Shackle, his sundered magicka essence is more than enough to power the forges. To free him, you will need to unlock the four Seals of Binding which can be found on each side of the room. Once they are unlocked, you can return to Galerion's Magicka.

"The bindings … they feel brittle … less powerful …."
I unlocked the binding seals.
"Then these bindings can no longer hold me. This essence will join you and then we can find the physical form of the Great Mage."
Where is Vanus Galerion's body?
"Through the boiler tunnels waits the mighty guardian, Kothutuilk. Defeat the guardian and open the cage that holds our physical form.
I can lead you to the Great Mage. Just stay close and follow my light."

The essence will then turn into an orb of blue light which will head through the far door and into the Boiler Tunnels.

Kothutuilk—The Guardian[edit]

Defeat Kothutuilk

This passage is full of pipes and steam, at this point you will have three orbs of light circling you, the essences are ready to be restored to their physical body. But there is one final obstacle, you will need to deal with the guardian—Kothutuilk and his pet Clannfear. He can be found guarding the entrance to Vanus Galerion and is surrounded by torture racks.

Kothutuilk "Insolent intruder! The mage belongs to me!"

During this battle he will fight in tandem with his Clannfear, and throwing down fire runes. Kothutuilk also has healing abilities and will heal the Clannfear or himself if given the opportunity. Once you have defeated the Dremora, you can enter the door he was guarding.

Restoring the Great Mage[edit]

"Ah, health and vitality! Welcome back!"

In the next room, you will finally find Vanus Galerion's physical self, he will be in a daedric cage, high up from the ground. However, he will be cognizant and will explain what do as soon as he sees you.

Vanus Galerion: "Place the essences in the magicka conduits. That should disrupt the binding spell that seals the cage."

Interact with the three conduits to place essences, once you have do so the cage will open and limp Vanus will float above the dias. His different aspects will then walk up and reconnect to him.

Vanus Galerion: "Ah, health and vitality! Welcome back!"
Vanus Galerion: "And now stamina returns. How I've missed you, old friend!"
Vanus Galerion: "Ah, much better! Now follow me out of this foul place! Then we can talk."

At this, Vanus will run to the exit. Follow and meet him outside.

The Great Shackle[edit]

The Geat Shackle awaits

When you exit the forge, you will find Vanus observing the entrance to the Great Shackle from across the bridge. Speak with Vanus and listen to him admit he may have made a mistake previously.

"Perhaps I shouldn't have attempted this by myself."
So, this is the Great Shackle?
"Yes, the Great Shackle. Where the Planemeld begins and ends. I thought I could deal with it on my own, but I was wrong.
You have restored me, released me from captivity. With your continued help, we can end this threat once and for all."

You will receive the Black Forge Blade and some gold. Vanus will now ask for your help in breaking the shackle and stopping the Planemeld permanently.

Quest Stages[edit]

Vanus Unleashed
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should enter the Black Forge and try to find Vanus Galerion. The message suggested I go in through the side door.
Objective: Find Vanus Galerion
Inside the Black Forge, I found Vanus Galerion. At least, I found a part of the Great Mage. I should talk to the essence of the mage.
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
Vanus divided himself into three fragments so that the Daedra couldn't use him to power the Great Shackle. To free the first fragment, Galerion's Health, I need to kill vampires and recover his stolen health.
Objective: Collect Galerion's Health: 0/5
I recovered the health the vampires stole from Galerion's essence of health. I should talk to the mage's essence and return the health energy
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
I freed the mage's essence of health. Now I need to go to the slave quarters and find the essence of stamina.
Hidden Objective: Enter Slave Quarters
I made my way to the slave quarters. Now I should find Galerion's essence and see what it has to say.
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
To free Galerion's stamina, I need to recover the energy that was stolen and fed to the slaves. I can either convince the slaves to willingly return the energy, or I can use the Taskmaster's device to destroy them.
Hidden Objective: Get the Essence Extractor
Objective Hint: Use Extractor on Slaves
Objective: Collect Galerion's Stamina: 0/5
I recovered the energy taken from Galerion's stamina. I should talk to the mage's essence and return the energy.
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
The last fragment of Vanus Galerion's essences is trapped in the Foundry. I need to go there and free the essence of magicka.
Objective: Enter the Foundry
I made my way to the Foundry. Now I should find Galerion's essence and see what it has to say.
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
Galerion's magicka essence is being used to power the Foundry. I need to unlock the four seals of binding containing the magic that holds him in place.
Objective: Unlock the Seals of Binding: 0/4
I released the seals that contained the magic holding Galerion's essence. I should talk to the mage's essence and see if it can break free.
Objective: Talk to Galerion's Essence
Now that I've collected all of Vanus' essences, I need to find the body of the Great Mage.
Hidden Objective: Defeat Kothutuilk
Objective: Find Vanus
Vanus Galerion's body is held in some sort of Daedric cage. I need to place his essences in the Daedric conduits to release him from the cage.
Objective: Release Vanus Galerion
Vanus Galerion has been restored and made whole. He wants me to follow him into the Great Shackle.
Objective: Follow Vanus Galerion
☑Finishes quest Vanus Galerion has been restored and has led me to the Great Shackle. I should speak to him and see what he thinks we need to do next.
Objective: talk to Vanus Galerion