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A Sealed Urn is your reward for completing the tutorial quest, Soul Shriven in Coldharbour. It is given to you by the Prophet and contains a bow and a random piece of chest armor.

Name Type Level Value Description
ON-icon-misc-Small Chest.png Sealed Urn Container 3 7 This rusty urn clearly originated in Coldharbour. It has been tightly sealed. Your name is burned into the side.


Name Type Level Damage Value Enchantment Trait Description
ON-icon-weapon-Maple Bow-Breton.png Sentinel's Lash Bow 3 11 16 Increase Power by 2 for 5 secs Training (22%) The Wailing Prison's jailers once used this soot-stained bow to keep unruly Soul Shriven in line.


Name Type Level Armor Value Enchantment Trait Description
ON-icon-armor-Homespun Robe-Breton.png Cadwell's Lost Robe Light Chest 3 26 12 Adds 10 Max Health Training (6%) This robe has dozens of tiny pockets sown into its lining, each holding different colors of lint. It smells faintly of cabbage.
ON-icon-armor-Halfhide Jack-Argonian.png Er-Jaseen's Worn Jack Medium Chest 3 32 (?) Adds 7 Max Magicka Training (6%) This jack has seen better days. The insides are stained with both dried blood and a dark blue fluid.
ON-icon-armor-Iron Cuirass-Khajiit.png Unfinished Torment Cuirass Heavy Chest 3 38 12 Adds 7 Max Stamina Training (6%) This torture implement was never completed. Without the spikes fastened to the inside, it serves as a functional cuirass.