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Help a masked vigilante root out injustice in Suran.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Suran — Help the Scarlet Judge foil Marshal Hlaren's plot.
Quest Giver: Ano Elarven, The Scarlet Judge
Location(s): Suran, Bal Ur, Marandus, Inanius Egg Mine, Arano Plantation, Master Kharekh's Residence, Mistress Dren's Residence
Reward: The Scarlet Necklace
Regalia of the Scarlet Judge
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Unknown
According to a masked vigilante known as the Scarlet Judge, a corrupt marshal named Hlaren is oppressing the citizens of Suran. I must aid the Judge in rooting out this corruption.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to The Scarlet Judge.
  2. Locate a prisoner at Master Arano's plantation.
  3. Kill Overseer Torvayn.
  4. Gather testimonies from the prisoners.
  5. Investigate Mistress Dren's manor and Master Kharekh's manor.
  6. Find the Scarlet Judge at Ules Manor.
  7. Raid the Iron Hound camp at Bal Ur.
  8. Find the Scarlet Judge in Suran.
  9. Gain access to Suran Prison.
  10. Talk to the Scarlet Judge.
  11. Find Warden Libo near Marandus.
  12. Talk to Constable Gretga in Suran.
  13. Infiltrate Inanius Egg Mine and recover the evidence.
  14. Confront Marshal Hlaren.
  15. Meet Constable Gretga outside the mine.
  16. Talk to the Scarlet Judge.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Scarlet Judge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A frantic Dark Elf requested my aid in saving his father from marauding bandits. I should hurry to this innocent's defense.
Objective: Save Ano's Father
I've encountered a mysterious, masked warrior. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to the Masked Warrior
Latest start The Judge wants me to speak with one of Marshal Hlaren's prisoners. They could provide valuable insight into Hlaren's misconduct. They should be laboring in a field nearby.
Objective: Talk to a Prisoner
Marshal Hlaren's prisoners refuse to speak to me—fearing reprisal from the cruel Overseer Torvayn. I must kill him if I'm to learn more about Hlaren's plot.
Objective: Kill Overseer Torvayn
I've killed the vile Overseer Torvayn. Now, I must gather testimony from the prisoners.
Objective: Collect Testimony From Prisoners: 0/3
The prisoners I interviewed confirmed the Scarlet Judge's suspicions and indicated there may be hard evidence nearby. I should look for some documents to verify their claims.
Objective: Investigate Mistress Dren's Manor
Objective: Investigate Master Kharekh's Manor
I've discovered ample evidence of Marshal Hlaren's corruption. I should take my findings to the Scarlet Judge at Ules Manor.
Objective: Meet the Judge at Ules Manor
The Scarlet Judge disappeared through a secret passage in Ules Manor. I should see where this passage leads.
Objective: Talk to the Scarlet Judge
The Scarlet Judge fears that Marshal Hlaren's Iron Hounds will wreak havoc on Suran if we move too quickly. I must raid the mercenaries' camp to sow discord and confusion in the ranks.
Objective: Go to Iron Hound Camp
Objective: Smash Supply Crates: 0/4
Objective: Burn Weapon Caches: 0/3
I've dealt a heavy blow to Marshal Hlaren's Iron Hounds. I should seek out the Scarlet Judge in Suran to plan our next move.
Objective: Find the Scarlet Judge in Suran
I've been approached by a Nord constable on the streets of Suran. I should see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Constable Gretga
Marshal Hlaren's henchmen have captured and imprisoned the Scarlet Judge. I must find a way to gain access to the prison.
Objective: Find a Way Into Suran Prison
Objective Hint: Talk to Constable Kren
Objective Hint: Talk to Remas Belan
Objective Hint: Talk to Dredyni Imayn
I've acquired a key to the Suran jailhouse. I must infiltrate this prison and find the Scarlet Judge.
Objective: Enter Suran Prison
Now that I'm inside the prison, I should find the Scarlet Judge.
Objective: Talk to The Scarlet Judge
I've agreed to take on the mantle of the Scarlet Judge. Unfortunately, the Judge's regalia has been confiscated by the prison's overseer, Warden Libo. I must travel to the Warden's hunting camp to steal it back.
Objective: Find Warden Libo's Hunting Camp
I've arrived at Warden Libo's hunting camp. Now I must find the Judge's regalia.
Objective: Collect The Scarlet Judge's Regalia
I have become the Scarlet Judge. I should return to Suran and find Constable Gretga to plot our next move.
Objective: Talk to Constable Gretga
Optional Step: Don The Scarlet Judge's Regalia
Marshal Hlaren and her confederates have gathered in the Inanius Egg Mine for a secret meeting. I must infiltrate the mine, find the confiscated evidence, and track down the corrupt marshal.
Objective: Enter Inanius Egg Mine
Marshal Hlaren must have hidden the evidence she confiscated in the mine. I should search any area used for storage as I explore the mine.
Objective: Retrieve Stolen Evidence: 0/3
Objective Hint: Retrieve Evidence of Collusion
Objective Hint: Retrieve Evidence of False Arrest
Objective Hint: Retrieve Slave Testimony
I have found the evidence Marshal Hlaren confiscated from the Scarlet Judge. Now I must find the marshal herself.
Objective: Find Marshal Hlaren
I've found Marshal Hlaren and her co-conspirators. It's unlikely that the marshal will come quietly. I should be prepared to end her dirty dealings with lethal force.
Objective: Confront Marshal Hlaren
All the incriminating evidence is accounted for. I should give it to Constable Gretga.
Objective: Give Evidence to Constable Gretga
☑Finishes quest Marshal Hlaren is dead and her co-conspirators are in chains. I should find the former Scarlet Judge, Melar Sadus, and inform him of our success.
Objective: Talk to Melar Sadus, the former Scarlet Judge
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