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The Mercantile
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Aldmeri Dominion
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Alchemist.png Alchemy Station
  • ON-icon-Enchanter.png Enchanting Table
The Mercantile

The Mercantile is a trading street in the southwestern Skywatch. The marketplace is situated along the southern part of the main trading street in the city. It runs from the Watcher's Forge to the celebration platform at the bridge. Most of the stalls are set up in tents, while the Aldmer Essences shop can be found in a rotunda opposite the smithy. It is an apothecary equipped with an alchemy station. Swan's Grace Enchantments is a mobile chironasium which has an enchanting table.

Merchants and Stalls[edit]

  • Aldmer Essences — An apothecary operated by Calanor. Alchemist
  • Breeze Weavers — A stall run by the tailor Aesril. Tailor
  • Deep-Root Woodwork — A woodworker stall owned by Dalodir. Woodworker
  • The Eldritch Seal — A stall run by the mystic Mazil-jo. Mystic
  • The Pilgrim's Purse — A pack merchant stall owned by Melae. Pack Merchant
  • Steel Feathers — A stall run by the armorer Ulando. Armorer
  • Swan's Grace Enchantments — A mobile chironasium operated by Ranniel. Enchanter
  • Swift River Outfitters — A leatherworker stall owned by Sircantir. Leatherworker

Other NPCs[edit]


  • Although there is a map marker for the woodworking station, it is actually located in the Market-Side Meadery tent, on the other side of the bridge.

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