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Spiderkith Fleshweaver
Location College of Sapiarchs Labyrinth, Eton Nir Grotto
Race Spiderkith Gender Varies
Health 39959
Reaction Hostile Class Bonelord
Daedra Hearts, Spider Eggs
A melee Spiderkith Fleshweaver

Spiderkith Fleshweavers are Spiderkith bonelords who serve as soldiers for Mephala. They use axes in combat and have the ability to summon Flesh Atronachs.

Spiderkith Fleshweaver
Location The Spiral Skein
Race Spiderkith Gender Varies
Health 29870
Reaction Hostile
Daedra Hearts, Spider Eggs
A ranged Spiderkith Fleshweaver

A variation of Spiderkith Fleshweavers are fought in The Spiral Skein during the quest The Dreaming Cave. These versions have less health and wear light armor, and fight using staves instead of axes.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Summon Flesh Atronach
Spiderkith Kiss
Web of Pain

(only used by ranged version)


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