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Help an Argonian bandit start a new, peaceful life.
Zone: Rivenspire
Quest Giver: Teeba-Ja
Location(s): Orc's Finger Ruins, Fell's Run, Shornhelm
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
Teeba-Ja was a member of the Bitterhand Bandits, but when they became more violent, she decided to leave. She wants to start a new life in Shornhelm.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Teeba-Ja, on the north side of the chamber with an Ayleid Well, to begin the quest.

"Please do not strike me. I am not with the Bitterhand. I am as a tree buried beneath the ground, stuck in darkness and doomed to die. I am not even a bandit ... anymore."

< So you were a bandit before? >

"Yes. I admit-I was with them, and I admit that I did bad things. I have robbed and I have beaten ... but I have never just cut down an innocent person. When the Bitterhand began this practice of murdering people, that is when I decided to leave."

< What happened when you decided to leave? >

"Well, as you can see, they did not like that. They say I know too much, that I cannot just float away down the river. They will soon kill me ... unless a kind soul like yourself would release me. Then I can go and put down new roots in Shornhelm."

< I'll release you. >

"Yours is truly a generous spirit to release me from this dark place, but I would be most ungrateful if I did not tell you the entire truth. If I am truly to leave here-to put down new roots and find new life-more is needed to be done."

< What more is needed? >

"My misdeeds were not only connected with the Bitterhand. They were also entwined with another. There was a Breton woman who was a partner of sorts. She sold the items I ... acquired. She will not be happy if I try to end our arrangement."

< Where is this woman? >

"She is not far. She is in Fell's Run. Her name is Brigibeth. I would go speak to her myself, but she would cut me down. I was only thinking, since you were helping me here, you might speak to her on my behalf?"

< Yes. I can speak to her for you.>

"As mud is my mother, I will return your generosity, stranger. I go from here to the chapel in Shornhelm to repent for my misdeeds. Find me there at the chapel and I ensure you receive a fruitful reward for your help."

< Goodbye. >

"Thank you. I will see you again at the chapel in Shornhelm."

After leaving the dungeon, travel to Fell's Run and speak to Brigibeth Chauvry outside Sabir's General Goods.

"I'm not selling anything, friend. You'll have to go inside and talk to Sabir. My part in this business is acquiring the items we sell and managing relations with our partners."

< I'm here to talk about Teeba-Ja. >

"It's about time. I haven't heard anything from that slippery lizard in weeks. If she's not able to deliver a steady supply, we can't keep doing business together. Tell me you've got something more for me than an excuse."

< She wants to end the partnership and start a new life. >

"Ha! She's getting out of the bandit business? Impossible. What's she going to do? Move to Shornhelm and try to earn an honest living?"

< Something like that. >

"That's ... that's ... really courageous of her. To tell you the truth, I've often dreamed of doing the same thing. I thought if I tried something like that then she and the other Bitterhand bandits would track me down and kill me. I was afraid."

< You don't have to be afraid any more. >

"I don't know. Where would I go? What would I do? Maybe I could start over with Teeba-Ja? Yes. Tell her to keep an eye out for me. I'll have to think about this, but it's starting to sound like a good idea."

< Goodbye. >

After speaking to Brigibeth, travel to Shornhelm and enter the chapel. Immediately after entering, you will find Teeba-Ja on your right facing the altar while kneeling. Speak to her.

"Ah, it is good to see you, my generous friend. I came here to pray to Mara for forgiveness for my past, and it was like the clouds parted and the sun shined on my soul. I have decided to stay and devote my life to Mara. It is a better life."

< Brigibeth said she might follow your lead. >

"She did? That is funny, but I do not expect she will follow through. Regardless of her path though, I am grateful she will not interfere with mine, and for that, I have you to thank."

< Complete Quest. >


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Quest Stages[edit]

Shedding the Past
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to free her from captivity, but Teeba-Ja says more is needed for her to truly be free. I should speak to her and find out what that is.
Objective: Talk to Teeba-Ja
I freed Teeba-Ja from captivity, but in order to start a new life, she needs to sever ties with a woman named Brigibeth. I agreed to find Brigibeth and speak to her on Teeba-Ja's behalf.
Objective: Talk to Brigibeth
☑Finishes quest I spoke to Brigibeth and she seems to have no intention of trying to stop Teeba-Ja from starting a new life. I should meet Teeba-Ja at the chapel in Shornhelm to let her know.
Objective: Talk to Teeba-Ja
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