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Rhea Opacarius
Home City Wayrest
Location Cloudy Dregs Inn, Pariah Abbey
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Oracles of Azura
Rhea Opacarius

Rhea Opacarius is an Imperial oracle of Azura who can be found at the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest. She needs your help locating the other Oracles, who have gone missing.

Related Quests[edit]

Related-Quest Events[edit]

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When you find Rhea after her abduction, she will be possessed by Azura who has a message for you:

"Rejoice, champion. You speak now to Azura, Queen of Dusk and Dawn."
What have you done to Rhea?
"I glorify her body and make a vessel of her mind. Do not trouble yourself. She will return, in time.
Your true concern is these visions. My oracles perceive a holocaust, child. A Daedric storm the likes of which your mortal world has never seen."
"We wait … and listen.
Patience. A difficult concept for mortals, I know. Such short, beautiful, brutish lives you lead. For now, Dyzera lays dead and my oracles breathe free air. That should be enough for you."
So you can't tell me any more about Rhea's vision or this Daedric storm?
"Rhea sees but a sliver of what's to come. Even now, Princes unbound by Sotha Sil's compact move against Nirn. I retire to Moonshadow to prepare.
We'll meet again soon, in a distant land. Perhaps sooner than you'd like. Until then, walk in twilight."

After this you will receive the Twilight Shard and Azura will leave Rhea. Rhea will be dazed after her experience but is willing to answer some questions:

"Oh my. Was that—? Did The Twilight Lady claim my mind?
What an honor. What a … profoundly disorienting honor."
Azura mentioned the compact of Sotha Sil again. What do you know about it?
"The Princes agreed to stop meddling in mortal affairs—directly, I mean.
Princes bound by the compact can't manifest in physical form here on Nirn. They can still push pieces around the board through intermediaries, though. Agents, like you and me."
So, I'm a Daedric agent?
"You are now.
Just be careful. The Twilight Lady has a deep well of love in her heart, but it's a dark, tempestuous love. Love like hers has to be respected. Never, ever forget that. Your life depends on it."
Who do you think was really behind all this?
Azura seems confident that another Daedric Prince is to blame.
"If Azura thinks it's so, it is so. Truthfully, I think it might be more than one.
Only a Prince would strike another Prince. If this plot does go that high, we could be looking at another Planemeld … or something even worse. Rose help us."
What will you do now?
So I'll see her again?
"Undoubtedly. And sooner than you think.
Just remember, love and envy are two sides of the same coin. Like dawn and dusk—only a subtle difference keeps them apart."
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