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ON-icon-achievement-Peak Performance.png Peak Performance
Type Dragon Bones Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Scalecaller Peak Challenger
Defeat all encounters in addition to Rinaerus the Rancid and Orzun the Foul-Smelling, Doylemish Ironheart, Matriarch Aldis, Plague Concocter Mortieu, and Zaan the Scalecaller in Veteran Scalecaller Peak in under 30 minutes. Timer starts when players engage the first group of Scalecaller creatures.

Peak Performance is awarded for defeating all of the bosses in Scalecaller Peak at Veteran level within 30 minutes. This achievement includes killing every encounter in addition to all of the bosses. This means you must kill every ogre, every cultist- every creature inside of this dungeon needs to die before you can get this achievement. Clear the entire dungeon in 30 minutes, bosses, trash mobs and all.

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