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Nisswo Kahei
Location Random spots around Murkmire
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clutch of Nisswo
Nisswo Kahei

Nisswo Kahei is an Argonian Nisswo who can sometimes be found with her apprentice Deetum-Jah in various places around Murkmire where she is trying to teach him a lesson about fear and mortality. You can help or hinder with said lesson.


"The light is gone and darkness clings. Yet it is only in the dark that we may see the void which is Sithis."
Is that why your fire is out?
"My apprentice fears that which the darkness will bring. The unknown bites away at him, driving him to contemplate his own mortality. But death is a will of Sithis.
He must see the truth within such fear. Only then can he speak it."
So you're scaring your apprentice to teach him a lesson?
"Uncertainty. Fear. Death. These unavoidable truths are all the will of Sithis.
Deetum-Jah must embrace these truths if he ever wishes to teach them as a priest of Sithis. And so my lesson must be taught, no matter how he whines."
Yes, I see your point. That is an important lesson to learn.
"Yes, it is. I am glad you also see wisdom in the will of Sithis."
I'm not sure about that. Your apprentice looks pretty scared.
"It is the only way he can truly learn.
I would ask you not to interfere. Though my apprentice snivels, he must learn the lesson if he ever wishes to join the Clutch of Nisswo."

If you elected to not light the fire, Nisswo Kahei will say:

Nisswo Kahei: "Embrace your fear, Deetum-Jah. Only then can you see past it."
Deetum-Jah: "Fine. Given our impending deaths, that shouldn't be too hard to do."
"To one day teach the lessons of Sithis, my apprentice must first learn them. Fear is but one aspect. Change is another. Void, darkness, death.
A nisswo must know all if they wish to one day speak the words of nothing."
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On the other hand, if you decided to interfere in the lesson by lighting the campfire:

Deetum-Jah: "Well, would you look at that. How kind of this traveler to light our fire!"
Nisswo Kahei: "Hmm. And so the lesson is wasted."

Nisswo Kahei will imply that outsiders interfering with her lesson has been happening a lot.

"And so my apprentice learns nothing. He will never become nisswo if we keep meeting such softhearted strangers."
"You overstay your welcome here. Leave, and allow my apprentice to return to his lesson."