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Book Information
Collection Wrothgar Writings
Found in the following locations:
Neramo's Journal, Page 3
A page from a scholar's journal

Deeper and deeper I venture. I have heard terrible shrieking coming from deep within this ruin. My worst fears are confirmed—something has taken shelter here. Something from beyond time, immortal and deadly. Or, perhaps, there's an extraordinarily old and creaky device herein that needs calibration. The former does seem more dramatic and poetically appropriate though. Only time will tell, I suppose.

To whomever finds this, know that I have died pursuing my own folly, which is a better end than most. And give my deepest regrets and most sincere regards to the Orcs, especially the lovely Shabon. Tell her I'm sorry I got her and her people into this.

Also, tell my brother that he was always in my thoughts. I bequeath all my worldly possessions to him. Unless, of course, I survive.