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Location Village of the Lost
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Holes in the World.

Mezha-dro is a Khajiit found in the Village of the Lost, he is a disciple of Meridia who was sent to this border realm to seal the tears in space which allowed various settlements to be dragged into this place.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He can be found performing some sort of magic as you approach him, he will say "You! You are not dead!" Talk with him to see what he wants.

"I am Mezha-dro, follower of Meridia.
Coldharbour has been merging with choice regions of Tamriel, and this border realm alone has taken three villages, absorbed them through tears in space. My Lady tasked me to hinder this. It's been … difficult."
Perhaps I can help.
"Help! Yes! There are three tears, holes in the world where Tamriel is falling into Oblivion. There's a tear in each village.
This one can seal the tears, but fighting is beyond me. If you can handle the Daedra, this one might get some work done!"
I'll fight off the Dremora while you close the tears.

He will then begin to follow you around as you lead him to the dimensional tears.

Mezha-dro: "Go. I will follow your lead, and deal with the tears as we find them."

If you talk to him during this, he will just say, "Still more tears to close. Very bad. Coldharbour is no good for living."

While he follows you he may make various remarks.

Mezha-dro: "You fight like Mezha-dro's mother scolds. Using all five claws."
Mezha-dro: "Mezha-dro wishes there were a person like you for every Daedra worshipper in the world."
Mezha-dro: "Mezha-dro would like you to know he is glad you fight the Daedra, and not for them."

When he begins to seal the tear at Silver Run near the water:

Mezha-dro: "Keep watch while I close this."
Mezha-dro: "And closed!"

A spectral scene between Rararyn and a daedra will play out nearby.

Rararyn: "It's done. They're all dead."

It's not enough. For what you're asking, I need more."

Rararyn: "How can I possibly deliver the whole village?"
Grexev: "Your village sits below a volcano. Volcanoes erupt. With the right prodding."
<Both fade away.>
Mezha-dro: "So that elf is a traitor! He's turned on his own people for profit! Must have something to do with the Dunmer village getting pulled into Oblivion. This one is glad to see even elves can make poor life decisions."

When you seal the tear at the Khaj'yahai ruins:

Mezha-dro: "Keep watch while I close this."
Mezha-dro: "And closed!"

After it is sealed, you can witness another scene showing how the village was brought to Oblivion.

Majdi: "The floodwaters rise! Our deal is good then, yes?"
Grexev: "Yes. The village will be ours, and you shall have your gold."
Majdi: "Excellent! Now, how do I get out of here?"
Grexev: "That was not part of our deal. Enjoy your gold."
Mezha-dro: "Did you hear that? That Khajiit doomed her own village—she's the reason it is here! Must have made a pact with the Daedra! How awkward. In future dealings with the Khajiit, try not to think about her. Think of helpful Mezha-dro! Or someone better."

When you seal the tear at Dushnikh's Shadow:

Mezha-dro: "Keep watch while I close this."
Mezha-dro: "Sealed."

You can then both watch the deal between Begnar and Grexev:

Grexev: "It is done. Soon, your father will be dead."
Begnar:' "Then at last, I will lead."
Grexev: "You will, indeed, rule at last. When the rockslide swallows the entire stronghold."
Mezha-dro: "That Orc must have made a deal with that Dremora Lord. He betrayed his village, doomed it to reside in Coldharbour! Stupid Orcs and their stupid fights over ugly rock huts. Not that this one has anything against Orcs. Just stupid Orcs."

Once you have closed all three tears you can speak to him.

"Very good! That is all of the tears. This one is finally done with this nightmare-scape of Dremora and beautiful, though terrifying, bodies of water."
What happens now?
"No more will be forced to this horrible place. You have helped do a great thing.
Now Tamriel is safe. Safer. Safe-ish? Until others make bad deals with Dremora. Sometimes Mezha-dro weeps for the world."

Afterwards, he will teleport away.