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Mariners are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using magic abilities. They are usually equipped with a lightning staff. The class was introduced in Dragonhold.

Types of Mariners[edit]

Location Name Race Gender Health
Moonlit Cove Ruddy Fang Windjammer Dagi Varies 29870
Black Kiergo Arena Jiren-dar Dagi Male 63735
South Guard Ruins Black Gull Mariner Dagi, Dunmer Varies 29870
Halls of the Highmane Dro-m'Athra Conduit Khajiit, Dro-m'Athra Varies 29870
New Moon Fortress New Moon Conduit Khajiit Varies 29870

Skills and Abilities[edit]


Basic ranged attack. Deals shock damage.


Basic ranged attack. Deals flame damage.

Lightning Onslaught[edit]

The enemy sends out a shockwave in front of them that deals shock damage.


The Mariner releases raging water that surges up from the ground and rushes towards you. Deals shock damage.


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