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Malkur Valos
(lore page)
Home City The Hollow City
Location Stirk, Court of Contempt
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Malkur Valos

Malkur Valos is a Dunmer master wizard who journeys to Coldharbour with the Mages Guild. He is originally found at the Court of Contempt. He must be rescued to restore the Hollow City.

Malkur was the only child of the Dunmer wizard Maros Valos. When Malkur's mother died in childbirth, Maros summoned a Golden Saint to protect and care for his son. Maros was killed in a mage's duel and Malkur's Daedric protector honored her commitment to the infant by taking him to Lord Sheogorath's realm.

The son of a powerful Dunmer wizard, Malkur is naturally gifted in the arcane arts and shares the distrusting, disdainful temperament of his race. Under the tutelage of the Aureals, Malkur acquired steadfast principles of honor, duty, and fidelity to his word. The inescapable influence of the Shivering Isles imbued him with a measure of unpredictability in his methods.

Eventually, Malkur was drawn to return to his native Tamriel, where his talent, honor, and innovation soon caught the attention of Vanus Galerion. When Malkur swore to uphold the principles and objectives of the Mages Guild, those principles and objectives became the unwavering core driving his every action, though that was not always apparent to superficial observers.

Malkur, along with the very best of his peers, was hand-selected by Galerion to accompany you in the assault on Coldharbour. When the mass portal to Coldharbour went awry, these formidable Mages Guild members arrived, scattered over the icy wasteland of Molag Bal's realm.

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Malkur on Stirk

He can first be found leaning against a pole near Lady Laurent's tent. If he is spoken with he will be eager to go ahead with the attack on Coldharbour, saying "Talk won't get us anywhere. Action! That's what will stop Molag Bal."

Later, he will be assembled with everyone else in Portal Valley. When he spoken with, he will explain his job in relation to the campaign "Our job will be to help Vanus with the portals. We'll need a lot of them to establish supply lines after we start conquering territory."

Hall of Judgement[edit]

If you walk near the gates of the Court of Contempt, you may see a scamp turn into a Dunmer. As you approach, Malkur will exclaim, "They've been captured!" You can speak with him to see what is wrong.

"I arrived with a few other wizards. Conjuration masters. We helped open the portal to Coldharbour.
Unfortunately, we didn't arrive where we expected. A defensive countermeasure, I think. Molag Bal's forces were upon us in an instant."
Where are the others?
"They were captured by Daedra led by Judge Xiven. In the confusion, I managed to slip away. I've been scouting around in scamp-form ever since.
The mages are on trial inside the Hall of Judgment. I could hear Judge Xiven shouting at them. We must help them!"
I'll help. Where do we start?
"A magical barrier shields the entryway to the hall. It's powered by elemental crystals. We must destroy the crystals and collect a key to open the gate.
You must hurry. Daedric justice can be swift."
I'll take care of it.
"Collect the gate key from the coffer to the north and destroy the three crystals to bring down the barrier. There's one crystal in each tower.
Meet me near the Hall of Judgment's entrance when you're done. I'll continue scouting until then."
Who are you, exactly?
"Mages Guild warlock and master conjurer, at your service. I'm an expert on the planes of Oblivion, so I was an obvious choice to undertake this mission.
I was raised on the Shivering Isles, so I am intimately familiar with Oblivion."
Isn't the Shivering Isles in Oblivion?
"My, nothing gets past you, does it?
Though I was born on your world, I grew up in Oblivion. It gives me a rather unique perspective that the Mages Guild often makes use of."
Why were you disguised as a scamp?
"A trick I picked up. Made it easier to get around the Shivering Isles. I was using it to scout the area when I saw you approaching.
Some consider my methods unorthodox, but the results speak for themselves. I certainly wasn't captured by the Daedra."
What else can you tell me about the imprisoned mages?
"Judge Xiven has them on trial in the Hall of Judgment. From what I've been able to overhear, it isn't going well for them.
To get inside, we need to bring down that barrier. Then the mages and I can get back to the mission that brought us here."
So I need to destroy the crystals?
"The three elemental crystals, yes. But more than that. We also need a key to open the locked gate.
I saw them place the gate key in a guarded coffer in the northern section of the ruins."

Once you have destroyed the elemental crystals and found the key, Malkur will be at the locked gate, summoning Fire Atronachs. He will have some bad news.

"The trial is over. Judge Xiven found my companions guilty and sentenced them to death. They were taken to the cells below the hall while preparations are made for the execution.
I'm working on a distraction to cover our escape. Did you find the key?"
I have the gate key. Let's go rescue the mages.
"An excellent suggestion! There's no time to waste. Let's get inside and free the others."
Let's go rescue the mages.
"My captured companions are locked in the cells beneath the Hall of Judgment. The door to the holding cells is across the way."
Tell me about your mission.
"Is this really the time for idle chit-chat? Oh, very well.
We are master conjurers. Our job is to stabilize the portals so that more forces and supplies can be brought from Nirn. Until we do that, our troops will be at a distinct disadvantage here."

Once you go through the gate, Malkur will notice Magistrate Bogtro.

Malkur Valos: "Oh, good. A guard. And I thought this was going to be boring."
Magistrate Bogtro: "The guilty are drawn to us like torchbugs to honey. Come and be judged, mortals."

When the Magistrate is killed, Malkur will you send you to find the prisoners.

Malkur Valos: "Excellent! Head down to the holding cells and free my companions. I'll guard our way out of here."

When you have released the mages and followed them outside, you will find the rescue and escape has a setback.

Malkur Valos: "They cast a shield spell on the gate! We're trapped!"
Tarrami: "We'll deal with gate. Just keep them away from us until we're done."

After sending several waves of Daedra to attack you and Malkur, Judge Xiven will eventually take to the battlefield himself. When he is killed, Malkur will get the last word.

Malkur Valos: "You've been judged and found wanting, Xiven!"
Tarrami: "Enough fun and games. Let's get out of here."

When you exit the gates you will see the summoned atronachs fighting the Daedra.

Malkur Valos: "The diversion I set up is working. Hurry before the Daedra notice and come after us!"

Once outside the halls, you can speak to the rescued mages and Malkur.

"We fought well, didn't we? I think we might just have a chance at turning this disaster into a successful operation."
You can make it to the Hollow City from here?
"We've opened a portal to the city. Feel free to use it, if you want.
We're in your debt. Without your help, the others would still be locked away—or worse. We'll get to safety and begin stabilizing the portals to Nirn right away."

After receiving your reward, Malkur will get the others on task.

Malkur Valos: "All right, let's head out. We've got portals to stabilize, you know!"

The Hollow City[edit]

After helping him rescue his fellow conjurers, Malkur can be found outside the Library within the city.

"Thanks to you, we were able to perform the task we were sent here to do. We've opened stable portals to Nirn. Now we can get supplies and more forces into the Hollow City.
I'd probably still be out there skulking about in scamp-form if not for you."

If you rescued his friends before the War Council is held in the Chapel of Light, Malkur will attend as to hear the details.

"I'm curious to examine this plan that Vanus has come up with."

The Endless Stair[edit]

Malkur outside the Endless Stair

Malkur will be at the portal to the Endless Stair with the others joining the assault.

"I enjoy a challenge as well as the next mage, but this might be a little much, even for me.
Still, I'll do whatever I can to make sure our world isn't completely destroyed. While I grew up on the Shivering Isles, I now call Nirn my home."
What kind of help can I expect from you in there? (Appears you have been debriefed for the push to the Planar Vortex)
"I'm quite familiar with Daedric runes and the many hazards of Oblivion that you are likely to encounter along the way.
If you run into anything that falls under these categories, I can quite possibly provide some assistance."
Well, if we make it that far, you'll be the first person I call.
"I would expect no less."

The Final Assault[edit]

Malkur in the Labyrinth.

Before entering Molag Bal's stronghold:

"I enjoy a challenge as well as the next mage, but this might be a little much, even for me.
Still, I'll do whatever I can to make sure our world isn't completely destroyed. While I grew up on the Shivering Isles, I now call Nirn my home."

Malkur can be found in the library part of Labyrinth as part of the team commanded by Gabrielle Benele. They will be trying unlock the gate leading to the other chambers, you can ask Malkur for some advice about the machinery.

"I recognize these devices. I've researched them. Even written reports about them. Never saw one in person, though.
They are marvelous to behold. Only a god could craft an artifact of such brilliance."
Does that mean you know how to open the gate?
"I have a notion. It involves the large metal tubes on the walls. According to my research, they resemble a Daedric device that requires a source of power to operate.
But as you can plainly see, no power flows through them at the moment."
So we need to find a source of power?
"A fair assumption. Do you see the small openings near each of the tubes? If we can figure out how to move these icy flames over to them, that should provide the power to open the door."

Once you have unlocked the gate, he will congratulate you.

"And another job performed to perfection by our champion. Well done!
Now hurry through the open door and find the planar vortex. The end of the world isn't going to wait for you, you know."

After you have found a way through the Dark Chamber, Malkur will catch with you as you cross the bridge. The group will pause momentarily afterwards.

"Even for a well-traveled denizen of the planes such as myself, this place is way beyond my comfort level. I fear it won't get any easier from here on in."

When you enter the next room, Malkur will be locked out and the rest of the journey will be without him.



  • During the development of ESO, Malkur was called the Nameless Mage and was the subject of a community contest to choose his name. The winner, "Jim from Albany" (user Jo'than on the UESP forums), was also responsible for the majority of Malkur's background story. The winner received a prize package with a poster, a t-shirt and a print of Malkur's concept art.
  • Gavis Velas, who died in 3E 427 while avenging his brother, Ovis, is a descendant of Malkur Valos. They were slain in Mournhold by the Nerevarine.