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ON-icon-achievement-Apprentice Decorator.png Apprentice Decorator
ON-icon-achievement-Journeyman Decorator.png Journeyman Decorator
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Decorator.png Expert Decorator
ON-icon-achievement-Master Decorator.png Master Decorator
ON-icon-achievement-Grand Master Decorator.png Grand Master Decorator
Type Housing Achievements
Points 5, 5, 10, 15, 50
Decorate a home you own with at least [50 / 100 / 200 / 300 / 350] objects.

Grand Master Decorator and its preceding achievements are awarded for placing large numbers of items in your home. All items must be placed in the same home in order to qualify - splitting them between multiple homes will not work. Thus, you will need to acquire a larger home in order to fit all of these things. ESO Plus subscribers can complete the largest of these achievements with any Medium sized home or larger, but for those without subscriptions, nothing short of a Manor will do, and only barely. Note that many (especially larger) homes come with a certain amount of decorations already installed, even if you get them unfurnished, and these items will count towards this total. If you do buy them pre-furnished in the Crown Store, any items already placed in the home will also count. Since homes are shared between characters on the same account, your other characters need only enter the home after you've fully decorated it to also receive the achievements. The minimum house sizes you need for these achievements are shown below:

Achievement Size: Inn Apt. Small Med. Large Manor
Cap.: 15 50 100 200 300 350
Apprentice Decorator 50 ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Journeyman Decorator 100 ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Expert Decorator 200 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Master Decorator 300 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes
Grand Master Decorator 350 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☑Yes
With ESO+
Achievement Cap.: 30 100 200 400 600 700
Apprentice Decorator 50 ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Journeyman Decorator 100 ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Expert Decorator 200 ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Master Decorator 300 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Grand Master Decorator 350 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes

Since all homes come pre-furnished with at least some items, it is possible to earn some of these achievements merely by purchasing the home. The following chart shows which achievements will be earned when purchasing which houses. The background color indicates whether it's possible to earn the achievement at all in the house, while the symbol indicates whether it will be earned immediately upon purchasing it.

Not Possible
Possible with ESO+
Possible for all players
☑Yes = Achieved furnished or unfurnished ?_Maybe = Achieved if furnished ☒No = Not achieved
House Items Achievement
Unfurn. Furn. Apprentice Journeyman Expert Master Grand Master
Ald Velothi Harbor House 60 185 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Amaya Lake Lodge 90 282 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
AmpleThe Ample Domicile 23 92 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Autumn's-Gate 57 89 ☑Yes ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Barbed Hook Private Room 1 32 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Black Vine Villa 37 71 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Bouldertree Refuge 47 132 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Captain Margaux's Place 3 48 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Cliffshade 4 112 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Coldharbour Surreal Estate 175 N/A ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No ☒No ☒No
Cyrodilic Jungle House 47 87 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Daggerfall Overlook 41 335 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No
Dawnshadow 31 136 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Domus Phrasticus 46 158 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Earthtear Cavern 48 275 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Ebonheart Chateau 130 345 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No
Ebony FlaskThe Ebony Flask Inn Room 1 N/A ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Erstwhile Sanctuary, TheThe Erstwhile Sanctuary 115 320 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No
Exorcised Coven Cottage 31 83 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret 3 37 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Forsaken Stronghold 55 252 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Gardner House 17 193 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
GorinirThe Gorinir Estate 167 281 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Grand Topal Hideaway 134 358 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe
Grymharth's Woe 5 151 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Hakkvild's High Hall 85 244 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Hammerdeath Bungalow 2 62 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
House of the Silent Magnifico 6 167 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Humblemud 26 62 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Hunding's Palatial Hall 74 288 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Kragenhome 4 49 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Linchal Grand Manor 133 284 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Mara's Kiss Inn Room 1 N/A ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Mathiisen Manor 64 286 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Moonmirth House 1 41 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Mournoth Keep 21 181 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Old Mistveil Manor 28 166 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
OrbservatoryThe Orbservatory Prior 21 163 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Pariah's Pinnacle 75 269 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Princely Dawnlight PalacePrincely Dawnlight Palace 57 284 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Quondam Indorilia 55 219 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Ravenhurst 33 128 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Rosy LionThe Rosy Lion 1 N/A ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Saint Delyn Penthouse 1 N/A ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Serenity Falls Estate 114 264 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Sisters of the Sands Apartment 2 32 ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Sleek Creek House 30 82 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Snugpod 2 53 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Stay-Moist Mansion 76 207 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Strident Springs Demesne 108 236 ☑Yes ☑Yes ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No
Tel Galen Tower (?) 317 ☑Yes ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No
Twin Arches 35 80 ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Velothi Reverie 36 136 ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No