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Jorvuld Davaux
Location Scalecaller Peak
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Jorvuld Davaux

Jorvuld Davaux is a Breton healer and Dragon Priest historian who is trying to stop a cult from spreading a created disease and asks for your help escorting him through the caverns.

He is the author of The History of Zaan the Scalecaller, which can be found at the base of the altar where you meet him.

Related Quests[edit]


"Well met, traveler.
I'm not sure what has brought you to Scalecaller Peak, but I must advise you to turn back. The creatures within this mountain have been exposed to a terrible disease, and I'm afraid there's a chance you'll become infected."
Why are you still here then?
"I'm trying to stop the disease from spreading.
I came here with several companions, but we weren't expecting an attack so early on. The ogres were far less aggressive during my last visit. I believe this sickness has changed their behavior."
Where are your companions now?
"Trapped on the other side of a broken bridge, I'm afraid.
Say, you look capable. Would you mind escorting me through the Frostspike Caverns in order to reach my companions? It's vitally important we continue our expedition."
I'll help you rescue your companions.
"Now, we must be cautious. Scalecaller has always been a place of danger, and this disease seems to have only further agitated the creatures that live here."'
Can you tell me more about your expedition?
"Of course.
I originally came here to study the Dragon Priest Scalecaller, the namesake of this mountain. Unfortunately, upon my arrival I discovered a cult. They appear to be experimenting with this disease. Perhaps even creating a plague."
A Dragon Priest?
"Once, Dragons reigned over all of Tamriel. Their favored followers were honored as Dragon Priests, and gifted powerful masks imbued with the Dragon's power. Zaan the Scalecaller was one such priest, and here lie her remains."
What's special about this particular Dragon Priest?
"Well, what fascinates me is her strong connection with Thurvokun, her Dragon Lord. I had hoped to research that connection, but then I discovered these depraved cultists.
Feel free to read my journal if you'd like to learn more."
Tell me more about this plague. / Can you tell me more about these cultists and their plague?
"It sounds just dreadful, doesn't it?
Normally I wouldn't jump to such conclusions, but I happened upon some of their research notes. It outlined their experiments with the disease, and how they intend to spread it."
They're planning to spread it?
"Given the state of the creatures here, I'd say they've already started.
I have no idea what's driving them towards such a dark goal, but I do know we must put an end to it. That is the current purpose of my expedition."
Can you tell me more about your expedition? (Option added once contact is made with the survivors.)
"Oh, certainly. I suppose we make a rather ragtag group.
My companions are all members of the Undaunted. The Redguard woman is Ila, the Nord is Lodiss, and the poor fellow who died is Ludovic."
Can you tell me more about Ila?
"Ila al-Ragath? Why, she's an exceptional warrior and capable leader. Came highly recommended from the Undaunted. I wouldn't get on her bad side though, if I were you. She can have quite the temper."
What should I know about Lodiss?
"He calls himself Lodiss the Rock. Man of few words, and most of those words seem to be not so veiled threats. I hear he gets his name from a particularly unorthodox fighting style of his. One can only imagine."
What was Ludovic like?
"Ah, Ludovic the Lucky. He's a cheerful fellow—well, was a cheerful fellow. Had a knack for healing magic. It's quite a loss to the team, now that he's no longer with us."

Once the way is cleared, Jorvuld makes contact with his surviving companions:

Ila al-Ragath: "Fighters? What kind of idiots would come to this Eight-forsaken mountain?"
Lodiss the Rock: "What, besides us?"
Jorvuld Davaux: "How are you all faring? Everyone all right?"
Ila al-Ragath: "Lodiss and I are fine, but Ludovic wasn't so lucky. He fell."
Lodiss the Rock: "Always told him that name of his would do him no good."
Jorvuld Davaux: "I was afraid of that when I saw he wasn't with you. You two stay there, we'll go around to meet up."
Ila al-Ragath: "It's not like we have much of a choice. Just be prepared for battle when you get here."

The Ogre Leaders[edit]

When the Ogre leaders, Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid are encountered, Jorvuld comments on them both before and during the fight.

Jorvuld Davaux: "Be careful fighting those two, they look stronger than the rest. Smell stronger, too."
"The two ogres ahead seem to be the clan leaders. We'll need to defeat them in order to continue on. No easy task, I'm sure. They look to be formidable foes.
I'd advise you to keep your distance, if possible. I'd hate for anyone to become infected."

When the ogres get close:

Jorvuld Davaux: "Interesting. The ogre's pestilence intensifies when they're together."

When Rinaerus starts calling for aid:

Jorvuld Davaux: "Oh no, the ogre seems to be summoning skeevers!"

When Rinaerus starts summoning an ice ball:

Jorvuld Davaux: "Make sure to find cover when the ogre summons those ice shards!"

After killing Orzun:

Jorvuld Davaux: "With that brute defeated, you've lost the protection of his pillars. Finish the other ogre, quickly!"

Once the Ogres are dead, Jorvuld regrets their deaths.

Jorvuld Davaux: "What a shame. They never bothered me the last time I was here. What manner of illness has this cult created...?"

He can be spoken to at this point:

"Poor bastards. They never stood a chance."
You sound disappointment.
"Ogres may not be the friendliest of creatures, but I was never bothered on my first trip to this mountain. The disease must have enraged them, caused them to turn aggressive.
What a senseless death."
They didn't really leave us a choice.
"Perhaps it was for the best. This illness looks absolutely gruesome. At least their suffering has been put to an end.
We can't allow this disease to spread to the rest of Tamriel. Come, let's keep going."

Doylemish Ironheart[edit]

Upon arriving at the Doylemish Ironheart:

Jorvuld Davaux: "Well, this doesn't look good. No wonder Ila and Lodiss are still down on those steps."

If you speak to him:

"I'm sorry to ask this of you, but we must give Ila and Lodiss a chance to come up from those broken stairs. You'll need to defeat the creatures that are guarding the temple's entrance.
Good luck, my friend. Stay vigilant."
Orbs of Stone Attacks
Jorvuld Davaux: "Those are Orbs of Stone! Be careful! Their beams will slow you down."
Jorvuld Davaux: "Destroy the stone orb that's freed itself!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "You can't allow that stone orb to roam free! Eliminate it!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "A stone orb has begun to move! Destroy it, quickly!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "Destroy the stone orb that's freed itself!"

Once it is defeated, the Undaunted duo will reach the group:

Jorvuld Davaux: "These gargoyles were just statues the last time I was here. What changed?"
Ila al-Ragath: "Beats me. All I know is that we were stuck between a rock and a pitfall."
Jorvuld Davaux: "Ila, we can't allow the disease to spread. I need you and Lodiss to go back and burn every corpse you find."
Ila al-Ragath: "Fine. Just make sure you don't take down the cult leader without us. We still have a deal."
Jorvuld Davaux: "Yes, yes, you'll have your prize. Just as we agreed."'

He can then be asked about the gargoyles:

"I just don't understand. These gargoyles were merely statues when I came here before."
Why would the gargoyles suddenly come to life?
"Unfortunately, I'm just not sure.
Normally I'd blame the cultists, but I doubt they'd have this kind of power.
These statues are ancient, imbued with old magic. I don't know what matter of mage could awaken them."
Do you have any theories at all?
"The arrival of the cultists, the creation of this plague, all of it's simply unprecedented. Perhaps the growing hostility of the local fauna have awakened the temple's defenses?
We'll need to keep moving if we want further insight."
Can you tell me more about your companions?
"Oh, certainly. I suppose we make a rather ragtag group.
My companions are all members of the Undaunted. The Redguard woman is Ila, the Nord is Lodiss, and the poor fellow who died is Ludovic."
Can you tell me more about Ila?
"Ila al-Ragath? Why, she's an exceptional warrior and capable leader. Came highly recommended from the Undaunted. I wouldn't get on her bad side though, if I were you. She can have quite the temper."
What should I know about Lodiss?
"He calls himself Lodiss the Rock. Man of few words, and most of those words seem to be not so veiled threats. I hear he gets his name from a particularly unorthodox fighting style of his. One can only imagine."
What was Ludovic like?
"Ah, Ludovic the Lucky. He's a cheerful fellow—well, was a cheerful fellow. Had a knack for healing magic. It's quite a loss to the team, now that he's no longer with us."

Matriarch Aldis[edit]

Jorvuld Davaux: "Watch out for this one! She must be the giants' matriarch."
Geyser Warnings

"The geyser is going to blow soon! Be careful!" "That geyser looks like it's about to blow!" "Do you feel that? I think the geyser's about to go off!" "Watch out for the geyser! I can here it rumbling!"

Matriarch's swing

"Watch out! You won't survive the Matriarch's swing!" "The Matriarch is going in for the kill!" "One strike from that giantess and you're done for!"

Once the giant matriarch is killed, Ila and Lodiss will catch up:

Lodiss the Rock: "Looks like the newcomers get to have all the fun today."
Jorvuld Davaux: "Fascinating. I would have expected this illness to weaken the giants, but it seems just the opposite."
Ila al-Ragath: "Yet another reason to wipe the temple clean of this repugnant cult."
Jorvuld Davaux: "While I agree, we also can't allow this sickness to spread. I'll need you and Lodiss to burn the corpses, just like before."
Lodiss the Rock: "Ugh. Just call me Lodiss the Torch."
Jorvuld Davaux: "I doubt it will be any easier going from here, but we'll see you all further up."

Jorvuld can then be asked about the giants.

"How strange. I've never seen an illness give strength to those it has afflicted. You would think these poor creatures would barely be able to move, what with the state they're in.
Why would the cult put themselves at such a risk?"
What do you mean?
"I do believe the cult infected these creatures, most likely for research purposes. However, such aggression would only make this mountain more dangerous for further experiments to be conducted.
These symptoms simply can't be by design."
So the cult wasn't expecting this behavior?
"Ogres and giants have a natural magic of their own, as mysterious as it is powerful. I'm sure the cult didn't think to take that into account. Few researchers do.
What senseless slaughter. With only more to come, I fear."

After re-entering the ruins, a conversation between the Jorvuld and the Undaunted members will occur: Soon Ila and Lodiss will finish and catch up.

Jorvuld Davaux: "Just a moment. I need to get this door for Lodiss and Ila."
Ila al-Ragath: "Seems like these cultists have as much of an affinity for the dead Dragon Priest as you do, Jorvuld. They keep invoking her name."'
Lodiss the Rock: "Bah. You would think these cozies would just worship a Daedric Prince, like any sensible cult."
Jorvuld Davaux: "I'm glad to see you both uninjured...and unafflicted, I hope?"
Ila al-Ragath: "None of them got close enough to give us their little blessing, I can assure you of that."

Plague Concocter Mortieu[edit]

When the group comes up to Plague Concocter Mortieu:

Jorvuld Davaux: "Ila, hold! Let them take care of this one. I need you and Lodiss to hold off any reinforcements."
Ila al-Ragath: "Ugh! Fine. But our deal still stands. After their leader is felled, I want my payment."
Lodiss the Rock: "By Sovngarde. Let's just focus on bashing in some heads, yah?"

During the fight, Jorvuld will help by creating antidotes to the sicknesses, Plague Concocter Mortieu inflicts on you. He will call out the ingredients he needs as well as when the antidote is available:

Anitdote Ingredients - Imp
Jorvuld Davaux: "Quick, get me some imp innards!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "I can use imp innards to create an antidote!"
Anitdote Ingredients - Strangler
Jorvuld Davaux: "I need stranglers' sap to create an antidote!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "Stranglers' sap! That's just what I need!"
Completed Antidote
Jorvuld Davaux: "The antidotes finished! Here, take it!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "This antidote should help you!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "I've prepared an antidote for you!"

After Mortieu is killed the following conversation will happen:

Jorvuld Davaux: "He wasn't the one leading them, I'm afraid. My friends, prepare yourself. For Zaan the Scalecaller...has risen again."
Lodiss the Rock: "The Dragon Priest that's buried here?"
Ila al-Ragath: "She must have it. We need to keept climbing! I will not be denied my prize."
Lodiss the Rock: "Next you'll tell me we have to fight her Dragon, too. Wait. We don't have to...fight a Dragon, do we?"
Jorvuld Davaux: "No, Scalecaller's Dragon abandoned her long ago. I fear she serves a new lord now. Perhaps one just as powerful."

Jorvuld can be asked about his conclusions:

"Zaan the Scalecaller. They've taken over her temple, begun to invoke her name. I feat that these facts are no mere coincidence. This cult must be worshiping her, in some fashion.
But why?"
Any theories?
"I fear not. Scalecaller is a Dragon Priest, and long dead at that. Besides, she's never been connected to plagues or disease. Perhaps they're trying to tap into her power?
Or perhaps the decor here is merely their liking...."
The decor? What do you mean?
"Never mind, forget I said anything. Just a half baked theory.
Besides, we'll find out the truth soon enough. I suspect that the cult leader is just up ahead. We should get moving."

Zaan the Scalecaller[edit]

Once the Zaan is defeated, the others will come in:

Ila al-Ragath: "No...no, I was so close! Spellbreaker was within my grasp. It should be mine!"
Jorvuld Davaux: "Is that all you can think of, after all we've been through? Your greed has blinded you, Ila. I pray one day you see that."

Jorvuld can be spoken to again and he is optimistic that the plague's spread has been halted.

"So that was a Dragon Priest? Terrifying! I don't believe she was even at her full power, which is a frightening thought. I think, with the aid of my research, I can finally put Zaan the Scalecaller to rest for good."
And the plague?
"With the cult defeated and the bodies burned, there should be no way for the illness to spread. All thanks to you, of course.
Now, as for my part, I will ensure that Scalecaller's soul can never return again."

The Aftermath[edit]

Jorvuld Davaux is infected with the cult's plague

Once Plans of Pestilence is completed, Zaan Scalecaller takes her final revenge with the help of Peryite.

<Zaan's wraith possesses Jorvuld.>
Jorvuld Davaux: "You fools may have defeated me, but you'll never stop the Master of Tasks! Still, his pestilence spreads. And this one shall know its blessing!"
<Jorvuld gains control back but is weakened as the sickness takes hold.>
Jorvuld Davaux: "May you suffer in Oblivion for all your wretched deeds. And may I be the last victim you ever claim."

Jorvuld can asked about what just happened.

"I don't regret coming here. Thanks to us, this plague has been stopped. We've saved countless lives today, my friend.
Still, I can't help but wish our adventure ended under different circumstances."
What just happened?
"It seems that Zaan saw fit to grant me a parting gift. She possessed me but for a moment, but still it was enough. I'm afraid I've been afflicted with the very disease we tried so hard to put and end to."
What does this mean for you?
"It means this temple shall be my new home. I'll quarantine myself here, continue my research. Perhaps one day someone will even find my journals.
I just wish I had prepared for this. What I wouldn't do for some of the cult's research materials."
I don't have anything that can help you.
"Oh, my friend, you've done more than enough. Thanks to you, I shall be the last victim of this terrible disease.
My only regret is how fast this illness will take me. I just wish I had more time to write about all that I've learned here."
[Help Jorvuld] I have an item that may help you.
"Thank you, my friend. Not only have you saved Tamriel from this plague, you've also given me the materials I need to stave off this illness. It may only grant me a brief reprieve, but now I can write all that I've learned of Zaan the Scalecaller."
[Cure Jorvuld] I think these items can help create a cure.
"By the Eight! Truly? With these I am saved. I'll have Lodiss deliver a message to a friend of mine who specializes in diseases.
You've not only saved Tamriel from this horrid plague, but myself as well. I can't express how thankful I am."

If he is spoken to again after being unable to help him, Jorvuld will say:

"I would have done it all again, even knowing it would end like this. I'm so proud to have fought by your side. I just wish that I could share this tale, share all that we've been through.
Still, I count myself lucky to have you as a friend."

If he is spoken to again after being cured, Jorvuld will say:

"I just cannot believe what fortune the Eight have blessed me with today!
I'll make it my life's work to share with others what transpired here today. All shall know that it was you who bravely defeated Zaan the Scalecaller and saved Tamriel."


Jorvuld Davaux is associated with one achievement:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Scalecaller Savior.png Scalecaller Savior 10 Collect both of the necessary ingredients and cure Jorvuld Davaux of the cult's plague.


  • A Meet the Character was released on the official website, taking the form of a letter from a professor endorsing Jorvuld's expedition to Scalecaller Peak.
  • The achievement Scalecaller Savior involves fully curing Jorvuld, using two unique items which can be found within the dungeon.
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