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ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Jewelry Trait Master
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 15
Needed for Master Craftsman
Research every Jewelry Trait at least once, regardless of whether from a ring or necklace.

Jewelry Trait Master is awarded for learning all 9 traits on either Necklaces or Rings.

Note that you do not need to learn each trait on both rings and necklaces for the achievement. The fastest method is splitting the research of traits between rings and necklaces - researching just 5 traits on one and the other 4 on the other.

Research Sources[edit]

Finding jewelry with rare traits to research can be difficult. While the original Arcane, Healthy and Robust traits are very common, the remaining ones are only acquired in certain specific ways, and have a very low chance of being found.

  • One method is to commission other players with the knowledge to craft the item for you. This path can be costly as the trait material required to create the item is often expensive to buy.
  • Another method is to try and find jewelry with the rare traits yourself, however this can be quite time consuming given jewelry with rare traits have a very low chance of dropping. Jewelry may also be found for sale in a Guild Stores, but prices may vary depending on the trait.

The table below shows where jewelry with rare traits can be obtained from:

Trait Source
Bloodthirsty Rarely found as rewards for weekly Trials quests
Harmony Rarely acquired in Undaunted chests
Infused Rarely found in Psijic Portals
Triune Rarely found from daily board quests in Cyrodiil
Protective Ring and Necklace are guaranteed rewards for completing Summerset's main quest, and the Psijic Order questline respectively.
Swift Rarely found from Jewelry Crafting Writs