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Help a hunter complete her initiation task.
Zone: Greenshade
Quest Giver: Radreth
Location(s): North of Greenheart
Reward: Tracker's Chausses
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
Tazel the Sting attacks
Radreth, a new member of the hunting company the Hounds, asked for my help in hunting a giant wasp.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Radreth.
  2. Track the wasp.
  3. Collect the wasp's head and return to Radreth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Radreth can be found near the path north of Greenheart and west of Arananga. When you speak to her, she explains that she's wasp-hunting:

"Stupid wasp. It keeps getting away from me!"
What are you doing?
"Ssh. I'm an initiate to a company of hunters called 'The Hounds.' I'm supposed to hunt a wasp as my first quarry, but I... well, I'm not a very good tracker, you see? I've lost the wasp!"
Maybe I can help.
"Would you? I'd really appreciate it. To track the wasp, crouch low to the ground and look carefully. You can spot where the wasp has landed - just look for matted grass or broken bushes. Track it, kill it, and bring me its head."
I'll do my best.

You must next track the wasp, Tazel the Sting. When you crouch down, some bushes will glow yellow, indicating that there are signs there that the wasp had landed. When you find it, you must kill it. It spawns near a mammoth, so be prepared: you may end up fighting both of them. After you kill it, retrieve its head, and bring it back to Radreth.

"Did you get it? Did you find the wasp?"
I killed the wasp. Here's its head.
"Fantastic! Well done! Of course, I can't exactly take credit for the kill. But I think I understand tracking better now that I've seen you do it. You're a natural!"

She will reward you with gold and the Tracker's Chausses. After the quest, she will say:

"I once heard Ledronor talking about a great tracker named Haras, from a long time ago. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were him."
Who's Haras?
"A legendary Hound. He's obsessed with this mystical Senche, and his hunting companions often die. I heard he hunts in northern Greenshade."

Quest Stages[edit]

Hunting the Wasp
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must follow the wasp's trail in the wilderness northeast of Greenheart to find it. Radreth told me I can see the signs of its passing by crouching down and looking carefully.
Objective: Track the Wasp
Objective Hint: Crouch to See Signs of the Wasp's Passing
I found the giant wasp at a pond near Greenheart, and now must kill it and collect its head as proof.
Objective: Collect the Wasp's Head
☑Finishes quest I've defeated the wasp. I should return to Radreth at the large stump southwest of Shadows Crawl with its head.
Objective: Talk to Radreth