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Escort Mezha-dro on his mission to seal tears in Oblivion.
Zone: Coldharbour
Objective: Village of the Lost — Discover the secrets of the lost villages.
Quest Giver: Mezha-dro
Location(s): Village of the Lost
Concurrent Quest: Soul Survivors
Reward: Mezha-dro's Sealing Amulet (Received on the first character to complete quest per account.)
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 2304
Help Mezha-dro seal rifts.
Mezha-dro, a Khajiit servant of Meridia, asked for help sealing tears in Oblivion before more material from Tamriel falls through.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Escort him to each tear and defend him while he seals them.
    • Defeat Majdi at Khaj'yahai.
    • Defeat Rararyn at Silver Run.
    • Defeat Begnar near Dushnikh's Shadow.
  2. Speak with Mezha-dro

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"You! You are not dead!"

While you are fighting your way through the daedra-filled islands, you can come across a Khajiit who is performing some magic. As he doesn't appear to be hostile, you may as well ask what he is doing here. He will mention he is on mission for his mistress and that he could use some protection while he performs his duty.

"I am Mezha-dro, follower of Meridia.
Coldharbour has been merging with choice regions of Tamriel, and this border realm alone has taken three villages, absorbed them through tears in space. My Lady tasked me to hinder this. It's been … difficult."
Perhaps I can help.
"Help! Yes! There are three tears, holes in the world where Tamriel is falling into Oblivion. There's a tear in each village.
This one can seal the tears, but fighting is beyond me. If you can handle the Daedra, this one might get some work done!"
I'll fight off the Dremora while you close the tears.

Mezha-dro needs help getting to the places where the space tears are so he can seal them up and prevent more parts of Tamriel ending up here. There are three specific tears, all spread across the map and corresponding with a village that was dragged here. Once you agree to help him, he will become your follower.

Mezha-dro: "Go. I will follow your lead, and deal with the tears as we find them."

As his skills don't involve fighting, he will stay out of the way while you do so.

The closest tear is at the ruins of Silver Run which is north of Mezha-dro, so keep moving forward then jump down into the water and head to the opposite shore. The space tear will be on the beach and appear as a blue-white light hanging in the air. Interact with the tear so Mezha-dro will begin sealing it. Immediately, Rararyn will appear and you will to defeat him, once this is done Mezha-dro will complete the sealing.

Past Bargains.

Soon after, you will both witness a vision of Razaryn talking with a Dremora.

Rararyn: "It's done. They're all dead."
Grexev: "It's not enough. For what you're asking, I need more."
Rararyn: "How can I possibly deliver the whole village?"
Grexev: "Your village sits below a volcano. Volcanoes erupt. With the right prodding."
<Both fade away.>
Mezha-dro: "So that elf is a traitor! He's turned on his own people for profit! Must have something to do with the Dunmer village getting pulled into Oblivion. This one is glad to see even elves can make poor life decisions."

The other two tears are accessible through one of the portals and can be done in any order.

If you go through the portal heading to the Khaj'yahai village, to find this area's tear, you will need to fight your way west across the floating island, then jump down into the water at the end until you reach the far shore. The tear will be inside a house on the northwest part of the island, once Mezha-dro starts sealing the spectral Majdi will start attacking you. When she is dead and the sealing is complete, you will see another vision.

Majdi: "The floodwaters rise! Our deal is good then, yes?"
Grexev: "Yes. The village will be ours, and you shall have your gold."
Majdi: "Excellent! Now, how do I get out of here?"
Grexev: "That was not part of our deal. Enjoy your gold."
Mezha-dro: "Did you hear that? That Khajiit doomed her own village—she's the reason it is here! Must have made a pact with the Daedra! How awkward. In future dealings with the Khajiit, try not to think about her. Think of helpful Mezha-dro! Or someone better."
"Keep watch while I close this."

To find the Dushnikh's Shadow tear, you will need to enter the eponymous portal found back at Silver Run. You will arrive on a chain of floating islands, on the middle island which is covered with bones and scaffolding you can find the space tear in the corner. While Mezha-dro seals, another spirit will try to protect it—Begnar. Once he is dead and the tear sealed, you will witness the bargain that lead to the island being brought to the Village of the Lost.

Grexev: "It is done. Soon, your father will be dead."
Begnar:' "Then at last, I will lead."
Grexev: "You will, indeed, rule at last. When the rockslide swallows the entire stronghold."
Mezha-dro: "That Orc must have made a deal with that Dremora Lord. He betrayed his village, doomed it to reside in Coldharbour! Stupid Orcs and their stupid fights over ugly rock huts. Not that this one has anything against Orcs. Just stupid Orcs."

Once all three rifts are sealed, you can talk to Mezha-dro.

"Very good! That is all of the tears. This one is finally done with this nightmare-scape of Dremora and beautiful, though terrifying, bodies of water."
What happens now?
"No more will be forced to this horrible place. You have helped do a great thing.
Now Tamriel is safe. Safer. Safe-ish? Until others make bad deals with Dremora. Sometimes Mezha-dro weeps for the world."

You will then receive some gold and the collectible Mezha-dro's Sealing Amulet (If this is your first time to complete the quest). Afterwards, the Khajiit will teleport away.


Quest Stages[edit]

Holes in the World
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
There are three tears to close. Mezha-dro will seal the tears if I fight off any Dremora or anything that comes through.
Objective: Seal Tear in Dushnikh's Shadow
Objective: Seal Tear in Khaj'yahai
Objective: Seal Tear in Silver Run
☑Finishes quest The tears are all sealed. I should speak with Mezha-dro.
Objective: Talk to Mezha-dro