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ON-icon-achievement-Hearth Decorator.png Hearth Decorator
Type Housing Achievements
Points 5
Decorate a home you own with at least 50 Hearth furnishings.

Hearth Decorator is awarded for placing a large number of Hearth furnishings in a home that you own. You will need at least an Apartment sized home in order to fit all of these items. These items may be purchased, crafted, or in some cases even come with the home. It may be possible to receive this achievement immediately upon purchasing some of the larger homes, especially if you buy them pre-furnished. It is not necessary to get this along with all of the other Decorator achievements in the same home at the same time. (In fact it's not even possible without ESO Plus and a Large or Manor-sized house.) You can either specialize in different types of decorations in each house, or remove all your decorations and replace them with others to get each of the achievements. Since all homes and their contents are shared across your account, other characters can earn the achievement immediately simply by entering the already-decorated home.