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Free the captured sailors.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Objective: Crimson Cove—Face the bandits of the Crimson Cove.
Quest Giver: Peras
Location(s): Crimson Cove
Reward: High Leveled Gold
A Bosmer named Peras escaped from bandits hiding in the Crimson Cove. He claims his ship was boarded by the raiders, and he has friends still inside the cove.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Free Nalbor, Filoneth, and Agilruin.
  2. Talk to Peras.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

At the far end of the upper level past the skyshard of Crimson Cove, a shirtless Bosmer stands next to a crane lift. The Bosmer, named Peras, says he prayed to the Eight that someone would come to help. Crimson Raiders captured him and his cremates and took them to the cove as slaves. He was rescued, but he hasn't seen anyone else leave. He worries for his three friends; they're most likely still shackled. You may be their only hope.

You need to enter the cove and free Nalbor, Filoneth, and Agilruin.

Agilruin is the closest to the entrance. Talk to her to release her. Filoneth is at the end of the dead end tunnel, close to the center of the cove. After freeing her, go back out the tunnel and turn right . Nalbor is sitting behind a campfire at the northernmost part of the cove.

Once all of his friends have been untied, talk to Peras outside the cove. He is standing on the beach and thanks you for saving them.


  • Peras used to be near the entrance but has been moved.
  • You can see Peras from the lower level of the cave, but there is no way to reach him from the lower level (or, while you are on the lower level, any indication on the map that he can be reached from the upper level). You need to go to the upper level of the cave to interact with him.

Quest Stages[edit]

Export Business
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Free Agilruin
Objective: Free Bosmer Prisoners
Objective: Free Filoneth
Objective: Free Nalbor
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