Clockwork City

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Eldrasea Deras
Home City Mournhold
Location City Center
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Eldrasea Deras

Eldrasea Deras is a Dunmer in service to Divayth Fyr found in the City Center in Mournhold who extends an invitation for you to join Lord Fyr on an expedition. Alternatively, she will also offer the quest at the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Zone Starter Quest ON-qico-Zone Story.pngTo The Clockwork City: Join Divayth Fyr on a unique expedition to a land of curiosity and contradiction.


"Honor to you and your house, sera. My lord, Divayth Fyr, would speak with you at once."
What does Divayth Fyr want with me?
"Your aid, in exchange for a sizable stipend. Divayth Fyr seeks a powerful artifact and requires a companion. He insists you are the only candidate worth considering. For now.
Go to the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. Lord Fyr waits for you there."
Do I have a choice?
"Of course. But if you do not come, he will find another. And you will be left behind - forever saddled with a coward's regret. Hardly a choice, by my estimation.
Service to Divayth Fyr is a great honor, sera. Think hard before refusing."
I'll consider Divayth Fyr's offer.
"My master waits for you in the Mournhold Tribunal Temple. A word of advice: don't keep him waiting for long."
Who is Divayth Fyr?
"Only the most powerful mage in Tamriel.
Lord Fyr has walked the roads of Nirn for millenia, plumbing the deepest mysteries of the aurbis. He strides between Mundus and Oblivion with ease. Daedric Princes tremble at the mere mention of his name."
If he's that powerful, why does he need me?
"It's not my place to question his decisions. He ordered me to find you, and I obeyed.
Lord Fyr values diverse perspectives, but he has few mortal peers. So he often breaks bread with... unusual people. Perhaps you strike him as unusual."

If you have completed Halls of Fabrication, you have the option to say instead

Now I remember. I fought alongside him in the Halls of Fabrication.
"Yes, he mentioned as much. Sounds like quite the adventure.
If you managed to face the Assembly General and lived to tell the tale, you must be a powerful warrior indeed."