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Location Bright-Throat Village, Murkmire
Species Bantam Guar
Reaction Friendly

Drooler is a pet Bantam Guar owned by Overseer Shiralas and Varona Beloren. He is very well trained, loves being petted and drools on everything.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


After agreeing to find Varona for Overseer Shiralas, you can use Drooler's Whistle to call him so he can help you track down Varona. Once he has been summoned:

<Drooler appears agitated and eager to tell you something.>
Good boy, Drooler. Good boy.

After you have found Varona with Drooler's help, you can later find the three of them at the docks of Bright-Throat Village. If Drooler is interacted with, the player is prompted to Pet, and he will <coo happily.>