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Location Murkmire Ruins north of Bright-Throat Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Deetum-Jah is an Argonian apprenticed to Nisswo Kahei and can sometimes be found with her in the ruins north of Bright-Throat Village. Nisswo Kahei is trying to teach him a lesson about fear which he doesn't really get but you can help or hinder it.


"Nisswo Kahei may be wise, but she can be a real kuuda sometimes. How are we to fend off anything if she refuses to let me light a fire?"
Why won't she let you light the fire?
"It's every day with these crazy lessons! I know that she's trying to teach me the ways of Sithis, but I don't even see the point of this one. Why does Sithis care if we light a fire?
It makes me question why I ever agreed to be her voh-vastei."
"An apprentice. I cannot dishonor Nisswo Kahei's wishes, but how can I one day spread the word of Sithis if some hackwing eats us?
However … she has not forbidden you from lighting the fire."
Ah, I see what you mean. I'll light the fire.
"Sithis be praised. Thanks to your kindness, I will live another night."
While that's true, it's best not to go against your mentor's wishes.
"Fine then. If you won't help, just leave me to my death."

If you decidee to interfere in the lesson by lighting the campfire:

Deetum-Jah: "Well, would you look at that. How kind of this traveler to light our fire!"
Nisswo Kahei: "Hmm. And so the lesson is wasted."

Deetum-Jah will say:

"In Murkmire, the priests of Sithis are known as nisswo, the nothing-talkers. This is because they speak the words of the void.
Or so Nisswo Kahei tells me, at least."

If you side with Nisswo Deetum the lesson will continue:

Nisswo Kahei: "Embrace your fear, Deetum-Jah. Only then can you see past it."
Deetum-Jah: "Fine. Given our impending deaths, that shouldn't be too hard to do."

He will then sarcastically say to you, "You wish to talk? Oh, my apologies, but I'm far too busy contemplating my own death."

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